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Five athletes who are making over college sports

Jeremy Bloom
Sport: Football Why he matters: World's top-ranked mogul skier in 2002; arguably the nation's most feared punt returner; activist for a national Student Athletes' Bill of Rights. What he dislikes most about the NCAA: "They limit opportunity." On giving up 45 grand after winning Superstars competition: "The NCAA let me compete but said I couldn't even donate the money. It's hard to know it's just sitting there." Sex before competition? "A definite no-no. But I'm not saying if it happened I wouldn't compete well." On winning gold in moguls in 2006 Olympics: "That would end every goal."
  Jeremy Bloom
Diana Taurasi  
Diana Taurasi
Sport: Basketball Why she matters: Naismith Player of the Year has led the Huskies to back-to-back national titles. On her game: "You might get some girlie-girl who says, 'You play like a man,' like, 'Why don't you play in skirts anymore?' Please. You tell me I play like a man, and I'll tell you, 'Hey, thanks.'" Pregame juice: "Tupac. Do I play like he sang? A little. When I'm happy, I'll show it. When I'm angry, you'll know it." Guilty pleasure: "The Real World, though I couldn't live with a camera in my face. I'd say too many things they'd have to bleep out."
John Christmas
Sport: Lacrosse Why he matters: Led the national-champ Cavaliers with 36 goals in 2003. Positioning: "I wanted to play attack because there haven't been too many black attackmen in college." Pregame juice: "Rage Against the Machine. It gets me going through the roof. By the time I get out on the field, I'm yelling and screaming and talking a little smack." Anyone talk smack about your name? "In fifth grade my coach, who was Jewish, called me John Hanukkah." Are there lax groupies? "Oh, yeah. Laxitutes. That's what some guys call them." In five years: "I want to be the first lacrosse player on Team Jordan."
  John Christmas
Cat Reddick  
Cat Reddick
Sport: Soccer Why she matters: Native Alabamian is the youngest member of (and only full-time student on) the U.S. national team, which begins its defense of its World Cup title on Sept. 21. On defending her: "Watch out for my first move, because you won't have time to recover." Her dream teammate: "Pelé. He's the best who ever lived. I would have said David Beckham, except he's always surrounded by the press." In five years: "College-football sideline reporter. That's my dream job." What kind of cat would she be? "I couldn't tell you. I don't like cats."
Sanya Richards
Sport: Track and field Why she matters: NCAA and U.S. national outdoor champion is a top American prospect in the 400. On the women's world record of 47.60 seconds: "I think 47 low is possible. Somebody's going to break it. Hopefully, that somebody is me." My mom, my trainer: "I trained with her throughout high school. When we're in a car, a guy will pull up and think we're sisters. I'm like, Hey, what are you doing? That's my mom!"
  Sanya Richards

SI On Campus: September 9, 2003 issue 
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Cover Story: Meet five athletes who are making over college sports


Photographs  by Peter Gregoire. Text by Richard Deitsch.

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