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The Home Run Derby, love it or hate it?

Posted: Tuesday July 13, 2004 12:34PM; Updated: Tuesday July 13, 2004 12:34PM
EMAIL ALERTS EMAIL THIS PRINT THIS SAVE THIS MOST POPULAR's Jacob Luft and Gennaro Filice went Head2Head on the Home Run Derby. Here are some of your responses:

Anything baseball can do to show "big guns" having fun is all right with me. It's all for show, and guess what? It's supposed to be! People that have a problem with it think that any other game is more important, but guess what, the whole sport is a GAME, why shouldn't they have another game to take a break from the other game they play 162 times a season?
 -- Egan Lasley, Boise, Idaho


How can you hate it? Home runs are the most exciting part of baseball, and the chance to see the biggest names in the game hit them out of the park, you have to love it!
 -- Jim, Buffalo

The Home Run Derby is one of the premiere events in sports, especially this year. When fans get a chance to see Barry Bonds, Jim Thome, Rafael Palmeiro and other future Hall of Famers hit baseballs as far as they can, how can it possibly be boring?
 -- Drew White, Philadelphia

My 7-year old loves it! I love it! Sure, it's overhyped batting practice, but don't you wish you could do it?
 -- P. Givens, Houston

I love it more and more every year. To anyone who has played or still plays baseball, you know its still not commonplace to hit a ball 500 feet, even if the pitch is 70 mph and thrown belt high. These guys make hitting a ball 400 feet look like its a flick of the wrist. It's amazing to watch, and most critics of it probably couldn't hit that same pitch in 10 tries.
 -- Brady, New Columbia, Pa.

The Home Run Derby, like the dunk contest, is just plain fun. Who cares if it doesn't count? When you see other players like David Ortiz jumping up in celebration of Miguel Tejada's homers, you can tell the players are having fun with it. If they're having fun as participants, then as spectators why can't we?
 -- Chris Snyder, Philadelphia

Ho-Hum! Watching the Home Run Derby amounts to watching a slow-pitch softball game. How about we make it a home run challenge? Put the hitters up against Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson and see how many homers fly out of the park. I'll be watching Jeopardy to see if Ken makes it to 29 in a row. Much better theater.
 -- Charles Shelton, Pittsburg, Calif.

I really do not care about it at all. Not sure what it is trying to prove. I watch part of it but it ends too late for me to watch the end of it, not that it really matters. Even the All-Star Game will be on too late for me to see the end of it. Time to start thinking about the people on the East Coast who have to get up in the morning.
 -- Bob, Barnstead, N.H.

The Home Run Derby is a joke and Minute Maid Park is not much more than a high school field. Any of the professional players could stand there and hit lobs out of the park. I guess it makes for entertainment for people who don't appreciate baseball completely. Take away the pitching and it makes for a boring game. Bring back true baseball, Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale throwing a complete-game, four-hit, 2-1 ballgame.
 -- Phil Phillips, St. Peter, Ill.

Chris Berman kills it. True. And it does look like practice.
 -- Branko, Windosor, Ontario

What's the point? I equate it to the NBA's dunk contest or 3-point shootout. We know they can do it and they do. So what? It's doing it when it counts. Top of the ninth, two outs, man on base, down by one. Whack! Out the park. Now that's exciting.
 -- Randy Green, Irvine, Calif.

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