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Who's your Turkey of the Year?

Posted: Wednesday November 24, 2004 5:28PM; Updated: Wednesday November 24, 2004 5:28PM
EMAIL ALERTS EMAIL THIS PRINT THIS SAVE THIS MOST POPULAR's John Donovan listed Ron Artest and Ricky Williams among his Turkeys of the Year. Here is what some of our readers had to say:

Todd Bertuzzi. For pummeling a player from behind and giving another black eye to hockey.
-- Shabir Somani, Toronto


Professional Sports. I live in a 12 X 65 trailer and have been laid off for a year, making a living on odd jobs. I have more morals and values than these people. I would rather see my sons on a chess team than a sports team. How sad.
-- Kirk Bennett, New Paris, Pa.

Alex Rodriguez. Baseball or karate. Pick one and leave the other alone.
-- Paul Brennan, San Francisco

Hands down: Ricky Williams. It ain't even close. How could he not think that the team might actually want some of their money back?
-- Lez Zaccone, Fairfield, N.J.

After two years of anticipation, the U.S. Ryder Cup team got stuffed from the get-go at Oakland Hills. The matches had all the intrigue of watching paint dry. Don't get me wrong, I love these guys and the Cup. Unfortunately for Phil Mickelson and company, birdies and eagles were far too rare for this flock of turkeys.
-- Scott D., Milan, Mich.

How could the NCAA keep wideout Mike Williams from returning to Southern Cal? Let the kid play. I refer to the T-shirt the Boz wore while at OU -- National Communists Against Athletes. He followed the rules to turn pro, and when blocked, did everything the NCAA asked of him to restore his college eligibility, then blanked him at the Zero Hour.
-- Greg, Tucson, Ariz.

You've got to include the NHLPA in with the NHL. After all, it takes two (left feet) to tango.
-- Mark Sakai, Richmond, British Columbia

Randy Johnson and A-Rod and other whiners with big contracts who demand trades when their team can't build a winner because too much money goes to one player.
-- Hank Adams, Atlanta

Joe Paterno. What a shame that a class act like Joe Pa can't tell that the game has passed him by. His ego won't let him quit, and he is running a once-proud program into the ground. I know the school makes a lot of money off Joe Pa's name, but if he won't leave on his own, it's time for the axe to fall!
-- Daniel T. Resto, Harrisburg, Pa.

Bill Walton is my vote for turkey of the year. He could be an annual nominee; he insists on trying to use big words (most often incorrectly) to describe simple events. He wasn't such a great player yet waxes poetic about his career when he knows most players today would take his lunch from him.
-- Tom Banaski, St. Charles, Ill.

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