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Brian Cazeneuve's
2004 Olympic Medal Picks
U.S. OUTLOOK: Don't expect any of the five lifters to win a medal. No American man has reached the podium since 1984. Tara Cunningham and Cheryl Haworth were Sydney medalists.
Men's 56 kg (123 lbs.)
Gold China Wu Meijin
Silver Turkey Sedat Artuc
Bronze Belarus Vitali Derbeniev
Turkey's Mutlu won gold at this class in Sydney before moving up in weight.
Men's 62 kg (137 lbs.)
Gold Turkey Halil Mutlu
Silver China Shi Zhiyong
Bronze China Yue Maosheng
Bulgarian-born Mutlu is one of four men ever to lift three times his body weight.
Men's 69 kg (152 lbs.)
Gold China Zhang Guozheng
Silver Turkey Ekrem Celil
Bronze South Korea Lee Bae Young
Olympic champ Galabin Boevski of Bulgaria was banned for a drug violation.
Men's 77 kg (170 lbs.)
Gold Kazakhstan Sergei Filimonov
Silver Turkey Taner Sagir
Bronze Bulgaria Plamen Jeliazkov
Filimonov was fourth in Sydney despite competing in the B group.
Men's 85 kg (187 lbs.)
Gold China Yuan Aijun
Silver Turkey Izzet Ince
Bronze Greece Pyrros Dimas
Albanian-born Dimas could become history's first four-time champ.
Men's 94 kg (207 lbs.)
Gold Bulgaria Milan Dobrev
Silver Kazakhstan Bakhytbek Akhmetov
Bronze Greece Kakhi Kakiasvilis
Georgian-born Kakiasvilis also could become history's first four-time champ.
Men's 105 kg (231.5 lbs.)
Gold Bulgaria Alan Tsagaev
Silver Qatar Saaed Saif Asad
Bronze Ukraine Igor Razoyonov
Qatar bought eight lifters, including Asad (né Angel Popov), from Bulgaria.
Men's 105+ kg (231.5+ lbs.)
Gold Iran Hossein Rezazadeh
Silver Latvia Viktor Scherbatichs
Bronze Bulgaria Velichko Cholakov
Wildly popular Rezazadeh represents a car company in a weightlifting league.
Women's 48 kg (106 lbs.)
Gold China Li Zhuo
Silver Myanmar Nan Aye Khine
Bronze India Devi Kunjarani
Tara Cunningham (née Nott) won this class in Sydney.
Women's 53 kg (117 lbs.)
Gold Thailand Polsak Udompron
Silver North Korea Ri Song Hui
Bronze Thailand Junpim Kuntatean
Ri lost a chance for Sydney gold at 58 kg because of a time violation.
Women's 58 kg (128 lbs.)
Gold Turkey Aylin Dasdelen
Silver China Chen Yanqing
Bronze Poland Alexandra Klejnowska
Klejnowska gave up a career in dance to take up weightlifting.
Women's 63 kg (139 lbs.)
Gold Ukraine Natalia Skakun
Silver Belarus Hanna Batsiushka
Bronze Bulgaria Gergana Kirilova
Kirilova, fifth at the 2003 worlds, won the European title in April.
Women's 69 kg (152 lbs.)
Gold China Liu Chunhong
Silver Thailand Pawina Thongsuk
Bronze Russia Valentina Popova
Liu set a world record last year, lifting a total of 595 pounds.
Women's 75 kg (165 lbs.)
Gold Egypt Nahla Ramadan
Silver Kazakhstan Tatiana Khromova
Bronze Russia Svetlana Podobedova
Ramadan's father, Mohamed, was a national champion.
Women's 75+ kg (165+ lbs.)
Gold China Tang Gonghong
Silver Russia Albina Khomich
Bronze Poland Agata Wrobel
Cheryl Haworth is history's heaviest female Olympian (307 pounds).
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