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Saying Goodbye

Remembering those in the sports world who died in 2004

Posted: Thursday December 30, 2004 9:33AM; Updated: Thursday December 30, 2004 3:20PM

Ted Abernathy, 71, former major league relief pitcher, Dec. 16 (Alzheimer's disease)

Carl Allen, 74, former harness racing driver, May 24 (head trauma)

Dan Allen, 48, former Boston University and Holy Cross football coach, May 16 (multiple chemical sensitivity)

John Amberg, 75, former New York Giants defensive back, May 4 (pancreatic cancer)

Bobby Avila, 80, former major league second baseman, Oct. 26 (complications from diabetes and a lung ailment)

Albert Axelrod, 83, 1960 Olympic fencing bronze medalist, Feb. 24 (heart attack)

Shannon Babineaux, 25, former Louisiana Tech football player, May 7 (head trauma)

George Baird, 97, former Olympic track and field gold medalist, Sept. 4

Gary Ballman, 63, former Pro Bowl halfback, May 20

Floyd Baker, 88, former major league infielder, Nov. 16

George Bamberger, 78, former major league manager, April 4

Gene Bearden, 83, former major league pitcher, March 18

Fanny Blankers-Koen, 85, 1948 Olympic track and field gold medalist, Jan. 25 (Alzheimer's disease)

John Blatnik, 82, former major league outfielder, Jan. 21 (long illness)

George Boiardi, 22, Cornell lacrosse player, March 17 (chest trauma)

Ray Boone, 81, former major league infielder, Oct. 17 (long illness)

Hank Borowy, 88, former major league pitcher, Aug. 23

Harry Brecheen, 89, former major league pitcher, Jan. 17

H.R. "Bum" Bright, 84, former Dallas Cowboys owner, Dec. 12 (long illness)

Roosevelt Brown, 71, Hall of Fame offensive lineman, June 9 (heart attack)

Bill Brundige, 89, former Los Angeles Lakers, Rams and Angels broadcaster, April 23 (heart failure)

Ernest Burke, 79, former Negro Leagues pitcher, Jan. 31 (kidney cancer)

Moe Burtschy, 82, former major league pitcher, May 2 (heart failure)

Ken Caminiti, 41, former major league third baseman, Oct. 10 (heart attack)

Pete Center, 92, former major league pitcher, Aug. 8

John Cerutti, 44, former major league pitcher and broadcaster, Oct. 3

Ralph Citro, 78, former boxing record keeper and cutman, Oct. 2

Woody Clements, 90, former New Mexico men's basketball coach, Jan. 27

Brian Clough, 69, former Nottingham Forest soccer coach, Sept. 20 (stomach cancer)

Alan Cohen, 73, former co-owner of the Boston Celtics and New Jersey Nets, chairman and ceo of Madison Square Garden, Aug. 10

Jim Colclough, 68, former Boston Patriots receiver, May 16

Rip Coleman, 72, former major league pitcher, May 14

Jenna Cooper, 21, Nebraska soccer player, April 25 (shooting)

James E. "Doc" Counsilman, 83, former U.S. Olympic and Indiana University swimming coach, Jan. 4

Willie Crawford, 57, former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, Aug. 27

Victor Cruz, 46, former major league pitcher, Sept. 26

Al Cuccinello, 89, former major league infielder, March 29

Joseph F. Cullman III, 92, U.S. Open tennis championships chairman, April 30

Pete Cutino, 71, former University of California water polo coach, Sept. 19 (heart failure)

Harry Danning, 93, former all-star catcher for the NY Giants, Nov. 30 (natural causes)

Yinka Dare, 32, former New Jersey Nets center, Jan. 9 (heart attack)

Leonidas da Silva, 90, former Brazilian soccer player, Jan. 22 (Alzheimer's disease)

Rob Derksen, 44, Greek Olympic baseball manager and Baltimore Orioles scout, June 16 (heart attack)

Art Devlin, 81, former U.S. ski jumper and broadcaster, April 22 (cancer)

Kwane Doster, 21, Vanderbilt running back and 2002 SEC Freshman of the Year, Dec. 26 (murdered)

Charles Dumas, former Olympic high jump champion, Jan. 6 (cancer)

Gertrude Dunn, 72, former Hall of Fame field hockey player and women's professional baseball player, Sept. 29 (plane crash)

Bruce Edwards, 49, caddie of Tom Watson, April 8 (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Frank Fallon, 73, former Baylor University broadcaster, April 30

Tom Fitzgerald, 52, former Columbus Crew soccer coach, Dec. 4 (motorcycle accident)

Cotton Fitzsimmons, 72, former Phoenix Suns coach, July 24 (lung cancer)

Charlie Fox, 82, former major league player and manager, Feb. 16 (complications from pneumonia)

Tybius Flowers, 34, former welterweight boxer, March 4 (murdered)

Pete Franklin, 76, former sports talk show host, Nov. 23 (long illness)

Hersh Freeman, 75, former major league pitcher, Jan. 17

Rose Gacioch, 89, former women's pro baseball player, Sept. 9

Robert Gaffglione, 68, jockey, Dec. 5 (respiratory complications from Parkinson's disease)

Frank Gallacher, 90, former Flint Generals owner, Nov. 17 (brief illness)

Angelo Giuliani, 91, former Minnesota Twins scout, Oct. 8

Jay Goedert, 44, former Northern Illinois and DePaul men's assistant basketball coach, July 4 (heart attack)

Raymond Goethals, 83, former Belgian soccer coach, Dec. 6 (cancer)

Joe Gold, 82, founder of Gold's Gym and World Gym, July 11 (congestive heart failure)

Mike Goliat, 82, former major league second baseman, Jan. 13 (heart failure)

Ruben Gomez, 77, former major league pitcher, July 26 (long illness)

Albert "Albie" Grant, 60, Long Island University center, April 15 (diabetes)

Fred Haas, 88, former professional golfer, Jan. 26

Gunder Hagg, 85, former world record holder for the mile, Nov. 27 (long illness)

Tom Haller, 67, former San Francisco Giants catcher, coach and general manager, Nov. 26 (long illness)

Chandler Harper, 90, former professional golfer and 1950 PGA Championship winner, Nov. 8 (pneumonia)

Mark Hatley, 54, Green Bay Packers personnel evaluator, July 27

Mark Haymore, 48, former UMass basketball player, Nov. 28 (heart problems)

Norb Hecker, 76, former Atlanta Falcons coach, March 14 (cancer)

Oscar Heisserer, 90, former French soccer player, Oct. 6

Harold Henning, 69, former pro golfer, Jan. 1 (long illness)

Jim Henry, 83, former NHL goalie, Jan. 21

Phil Hergesheimer, 89, former NHL player, March 6

Chuck Hiller, 70, former major league player and coach, Oct. 20 (long illness)

Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch, 80, NFL Hall of Fame running back, Jan. 28

Ivan Hlinka, 54, former NHL player and coach, Aug. 16 (auto accident)

Todd Holloway, 39, former Texas A&M basketball player Oct. 20 (heart attack)

Eleanor Holm Whalen, 91, 1932 Olympic swimming gold medalist, Jan. 31 (kidney failure)

Paul Hopkins, 99, former major league pitcher, Jan. 2 (brief illness)

Emlyn Hughes, 57, former English soccer great, Nov. 9 (brain tumor)

Brice Hunter, 29, former Georgia and NFL wide receiver, April 18 (shooting)

Carl James, 75, former Big Eight Conference commissioner and Duke and Maryland athletic director, July 3 (cancer)

Darrell Johnson, 75, former major league player and manager, May 4 (leukemia)

Phil "P.G." Johnson, 78, former Hall of Fame horse trainer, Aug. 6

Edgar "Special Delivery" Jones, 84, former NFL running back, May 18

Richard Jones, 21, Canisius basketball player, May 5

Tommy Kalmanir, 78, former NFL halfback, Oct. 12 (pneumonia)

Rod Kanehl, 70, original member of the New York Mets, Dec. 14 (heart attack)

Joe Kelley, 48, former Indiana women's soccer coach, Oct. 30 (cancer)

Johnny Kelley, 97, former Olympian and member of the USA Track and Field Hall of Fame, Oct. 6

Don Kennedy, 97, former St. Peter's men's basketball coach, Oct. 26

Bob King, 81, former New Mexico men's basketball coach, Dec. 10.

Hubert "Hub" Kittle, 86, former major league pitching coach, Feb. 10 (complications related to kidney failure and diabetes)

Karol Kennedy Kucher, 72, former 1952 pairs skating silver medalist and member of US Figure Skating Hall of Fame, June 25 (pneumonia)

Rudy LaRusso, 66, former NBA All-Star, July 9 (Parkinson's disease)

Jack Leaman, 71, former Massachusetts basketball coach, March 6 (heart attack)

Alisa Lewis, 20, California basketball player, Jan. 19 (bacterial meningitis)

Lucien Leduc, 86, former French soccer coach and player, July 19 (long illness)

Cristiano de Lima Jr., 25, Brazilian soccer player, Dec. 5 (cardiac arrest)

Leonard Lindquist, 92, former general counsel of the NFL Players Association, Sept. 10

Carl Liscombe, 89, two-time American Hockey league MVP, (complications from leukemia)

Marilyn Lubel, 73, former South Alabama tennis coach, March 10 (heart failure)

Jack Lundy, 95, original Little League Baseball sponsor, June 26

Tony Lupien Jr., 87, former major league first baseman and former Dartmouth College baseball coach, July 9

Arthur Lydiard, 87, former New Zealand track coach, Dec. 11 (heart attack)

Aaron Mackey, 22, Central Arkansas basketball player, April 29 (fatal fire)

Valdemaras Martinkenas, 39, former Lithuanian goalkeeper and Estonian goalie coach, July 20 (drowned)

Bobby Mattick, 89, former Toronto Blue Jays manager and VP of baseball operations, Dec. 16 (stroke)

Brian Maxwell, 51, Canadian marathoner and founder of the PowerBar, March 19 (heart attack)

Jimmy McLarnin, 96, former hall of fame welterweight champion, Oct. 28 (brief illness)

Bob McGowan, 35, former New Jersey City University assistant football coach, Jan. 12

Tug McGraw, 59, former major league pitcher, Jan. 5 (brain cancer)

Lawrence McGrew, 46, former NFL linebacker, April 2 (heart attack)

Eric McMillan, 19, former University of Idaho football player, Sept. 20 (murdered)

Gerry McNeil, 78, former Montreal Canadiens goaltender, June 17

Dale Meinert, 70, former All-Pro linebacker, May 10 (Alzheimer's disease)

Carlos Meza, 26, Colombian boxer, Dec. 7 (skull fractures and fluid on the brain after being knocked out in the ring)

Keith Miller, 84, former Australian cricket player, Oct. 11

Lennox Miller, 58, former Jamican Olympic medalist and father of Olympic medalist Inga Miler, Nov. 8 (cancer)

Ralph Moody, 86, NASCAR Hall of Famer, formed Holman-Moody partnership which was a major force in the development of stock car racing, June 9 (long illness)

Bob Murphy, 79, former Hall of Fame New York Mets broadcaster, Aug. 3 (lung cancer)

Pat Myer, 61, former steeplechase rider and trainer, July 5 (stroke)

Bill Nicholson, 85, former English soccer manager of the Tottenham Hotspur, Oct. 23 (long illness)

Victor Jethro Nickerson, 75, former horse trainer, March 26 (long illness)

Johnny Oates, 58, former major league manager, Dec. 24 (brain cancer)

Line Oestvold, 26, former world champion snowboarder, Sept. 19 (head trauma)

Al Onofrio, 83, former Missouri football coach, Nov. 4

Marco Pantani, 34, former Tour de France champion, Feb. 14 (drug overdose)

James Parrish, 35, former NFL lineman, March 10 (cancer)

Jose Omar Pastoriza, 62, former Argentinian soccer coach and player, Aug. 2 (heart attack)

John Patterson Sr., 85, hall of fame harness racing driver/trainer, May 16 (leukemia)

Steve Patterson, 56, former UCLA basketball center and Arizona State men's basketball coach, July 28 (lung cancer)

Bertie Peacock, 75, former Irish soccer manager and player, July 22 (heart attack)

Larry Phillips, 62, former auto racing driver, Sept. 21 (lung cancer)

Ronalda Pierce, 19, former Florida State women's basketball center, June 8 (ruptured aorta)

Kovensky Pierre, 18, former Bethune-Cookman football player, Sept. 14 (car accident)

Val Pinchbeck Jr., 73, former NFL executive, March 6 (hit by taxi)

Glenn Presnell, 99, former Detroit Lions back and Eastern Kentucky coach, Sept. 13

Art Quarterman, 30, former Tennessee Tech basketball player, Nov. 23

Alexander Ragulin, 63, former Soviet CSKA Moscow hockey player, Nov. 17 (illness)

Billy Reay, 84, former NHL player and coach, Sept. 23 (liver cancer)

Renato, 28, former Brazilian soccer player, Oct. 4 (murdered)

Jack Rohan, 72, former Columbia Men's basketball coach, Aug. 9 (Guillain-Barre Syndrome)

Michael Rowland, 41, jockey, Feb. 9 (injuries from fall)

Darrell Russell, 35, former drag racer, June 27 (fatal injuries suffered in a crash during race)

Jim Russo, 81, former major league scout, Feb. 8

Jack Ryan, 23, former lightweight boxer, Feb. 19 (injuries sustained in boxing match)

Robert Sangster, 67, former horse owner/breeder, April 7 (pancreatic cancer)

Marge Schott, 75, former Cincinnati Reds owner, March 2

Charles Seaver, 93, former United States amateur golf and father of Hall of Fame pitcher, Tom Seaver, Oct. 25 (brief illness)

Andy Seminick, 83, former Philadelphia Phillies catcher, Feb. 22

Serginho, 30, former Brazilian soccer player, Oct. 27 (heart attack)

Doug Shierson, 62, former Indianapolis 500 team owner, May 26 (cancer)

Don Shinnick, 68, former NFL linebacker and assistant coach, Jan. 20 (brain disease)

Paul Shmyr, 58, former NHL and WHA defenseman, Sept. 2 (throat cancer)

Mildred McDaniel Singleton, former track and field Olympic gold medalist, Sept. 30 (cancer)

Nick Skorich, 83, former NFL coach for Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns, Oct. 2

Bobbye Sloan, 61, wife of Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, June 18 (liver and pancreatic cancer)

Sid Smith, 78, former Toronto Maple Leafs captain, April 29

Mark Springer, 47, USATF Director of Grass Roots Programs & Planning (car accident)

Dick Stealy, 85, former Ball State basketball coach, March 13

Lennart Strand, 82, 1948 Olympic 1,500-meter silver medalist

Jimmy Streater, 46, Tennessee quarterback, Feb. 20 (long illness)

Shirley Strickland de la Hunty, 78, Australian Olympic track and field gold medalist, Feb. 17

Justin Strzelczyk, 36, former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman, Sept. 30, (car crash)

Johnny Sturm, 88, former New York Yankees first baseman, Oct. 8 (congestive heart failure)

Ed Sudol, 84, former major league umpire, Dec. 10 (Alzheimer's disease)

Gus Suhr, 98, former major league first baseman, Jan. 15

Tamas Szechy, 73, former olympic Hungarian swimming coach, Sept. 13

Bill Taylor, 84, former USAC stock car program director, May 16

Dale Thomas, 81, former Oregon State wrestling coach, March 4

Pat Tillman, 27, former Arizona Cardinals safety, April 22 (killed in combat)

Robert Timmons, 92, Pittsburgh men's basketball coach and assistant football coach, April 29.

Wayne Timpe, 62, Rockford Lightning owner, Jan. 21 (lymphoma)

Steve Trapilo, 39, former New Orleans Saints offensive lineman, May 20 (heart failure)

Nikola Tsanev, 65, former Bulgarian soccer player, Oct. 7 (brief illness)

McCollins Umeh, 18, University of Arizona football recruit, June 8

Luis Villalta, 35, Peruvian lightweight boxer, March 3 (injury sustained from boxing match)

Jim Wacker, 66, former football coach of North Dakota State, Texas Christian and Texas State University, Aug. 26 (cancer)

Chris Waddell, 18, Northwestern State football player, March 1

Leon Wagner, 69, former major league outfielder, Jan. 3 (natural causes)

Greg Wallace, 22, Stephen F. Austin basketball player, Jan. 30

Russell "Sox" Walseth, 77, former Colorado men's and women's basketball coach, Feb. 11 (cancer)

Rodger Ward, 83, two-time Indianapolis 500 winner, July 5

Sid Watson, 71, former NFL halfback and Bowdoin hockey coach, April 25

Danny Whelan, 84, former New York Knicks and Pittsburgh Pirates trainer, Jan. 2 (long illness)

Reggie White, 43, former Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers All-Pro defensive end, Dec. 26 (heart attack)

John "Dick" Williams, 77, former Northern Illinois University four sport athlete, Dec. 12

Ralph Wiley, 52, former Sports Illustrated and writer, June 13 (heart failure)

John Henry Williams, 35, son of Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams, March 7 (leukemia)

Bert Wolstein, 77, Cleveland Force owner, May 17

George Yardley, 75, former NBA all-star and first player to reach 2,000 points in a season, Aug. 12 (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

Sergei Zholtok, 31, former Nashville Predators center, Nov. 3 (heart ailment)
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