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Who's your destiny?

Posted: Tuesday October 19, 2004 1:32PM; Updated: Tuesday October 19, 2004 2:17PM
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This just in: The FDA has approved David Ortiz as an over-the-counter amphetamine.

In the first five games, Yankee hitters have really slowed down the Red Sox pitchers and made them work. At one point in Game 2, Derek Jeter stepped out and started to sing God Bless America.

Yankee set-up man Flash Gordon was hit in the eye with a cork after the ALDS. It was either from a bottle of champagne ... or Kenny Lofton opening a new shipment of bats.

Katie Couric and Red Sox owner Tom Werner reportedly have broken up. This isn't unexpected. They've been dating since 2002, and Theo Epstein won't give anyone more than three years.

Cardinals reliever Julian Tavarez broke two bones in his hand punching a wall after he gave up the winning home run in Game 4. And this is a little lame. He told reporters he suffered the injury trying to clean the pine tar off his hat.

Debbie Clemens says she's going to try to convince her husband, Roger, to come back for another season. Look, I'm no marriage counselor, but if it's that tough having him at home, how about winter ball?

Meanwhile, is it me, or has Brandon Backe not been awarded a big decision since the Supreme Court said he could go to UC Davis med school in 1974?

Phil Jackson has major beef with Kobe

The former Lakers coach reveals his troubles with the superstar in a new book based on a diary he kept last season. Here's what's odd: Every entry begins, "Dear Kitty ..."

Don Mischer Productions to oversee Super Bowl halftime show

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Mischer produced last summer's Democratic Convention and was heard cursing on-air when balloons didn't fall on schedule. Technically, is that considered a word-drop malfunction?

Val Ackerman says WNBA will be profitable by 2007

What a coincidence. That's also the first season the USFL will be out of the red.

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