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Scott Stove League

Posted: Tuesday November 16, 2004 2:24PM; Updated: Tuesday November 16, 2004 4:49PM
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Uberagent Scott Boras is representing free-agent Carlos Beltran, coveted by the Yankees, and Bernie Williams, the player he would replace. And you thought those guys were good from both sides.

Free-agent pitcher Carl Pavano turned down a second request from ABC to star in The Bachelor. Pavano gained some notoriety last year when he dated actress Alyssa Milano. She was a throw-in in the 2002 deal for Cliff Floyd and Wilton Guerrero.

Last week, Johnny Damon's cleats from Game 7 of the ALCS raised $20,000 at a charity auction. Damon could have raised another $,5000 if he had a barber cut off the laces.

Steelers beat Browns, 24-10

Cleveland is trying to get credit for a tie after the draw on the William Green-Joey Porter undercard.

The fight started when Green spit on Porter. Which means any day now, a residual check will go out to Roberto Alomar.

Three days before the game, the NFL warned Cleveland DT Gerald Warren over comments he made about taking Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger out of the game. I'm no lawyer but can't a case be made here that Warren wasn't leading with his head?

Michigan State ends Wisconsin's perfect season, 49-14

The Spartans scored seven touchdowns. And here's a bigger surprise: None came off homemade bombs.

Pittsburgh's Tyler Palko uttered an expletive during a postgame TV interview after he became the first QB to throw five touchdown passes against Notre Dame. Luckily, Touchdown Jesus didn't hear Palko. He was too busy chewing out Tyrone Willingham.

NBA referees start own Web site

I don't know about this. Do we really need the technology to download topless photos of Tommy Nunez?

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