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SI.com Experts League Draft 2004

Updated: Sunday August 22, 2004 1:20PM
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Daunte Culpepper
Daunte Culpepper was the first quarterback taken, but not until late in the first round.
Elsa/Getty Images

After a successful debut last year, the SI.com Fantasy Football Experts League returned for 2004 with a draft on Aug. 16 pitting some of the top fantasy experts and writers against each other for fantasy glory.

Richard Harris of FantasyFootballExperts.com returns to defend his title against these other experts: Kirk Bouyelas, Ryan Houston and Greg Kellogg from FantasyAsylum.com; James Quintong and B. Duane Cross from SI.com; Corey Roberts and Sam Lubeck from STATS, Inc.; Mike Nazarek of FFMastermind.com; Dave Gawron from CREATiVESPORTS.com; Bob Harris from Fantasy Sports Publications; and Joe Levit of TheHuddle.com.

The scoring system is as follows:

Passing: 4 points/TD; 1 point for every 25 yards passing; 1 point for 2-point conversion pass
Rushing/Receiving: 6 points/TD; 1 point for every 10 yards rushing or receiving; 2 points for each 2-point conversion
Kicking: 3 points for every field goal; 1 point for every extra point
Defense/Special Teams: 6 points for every return TD; 2 points for every fumble recovery, interception or blocked kick; 1 point for every sack.

Each team starts one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker and one defense/special teams each week.

The draft was a standard 16-round, serpentine draft, with no trades of picks, although deals could be made officially after the draft.

Here is a rundown of the draft, with analysis of each round. Coming soon, each of the participants in the draft will have analysis of their own teams. And check back throughout the season as I keep everyone abreast of how the league is going.

Round 1
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
1.01 Kirk Bouyelas Holmes, Priest RB KC
1.02 Bob Harris Tomlinson, LaDainian RB SD
1.03 James Quintong Green, Ahman RB GB
1.04 Sam Lubeck McAllister, Deuce RB NO
1.05 Greg Kellogg Portis, Clinton RB WAS
1.06 Ryan Houston Alexander, Shaun RB SEA
1.07 Dave Gawron Lewis, Jamal RB BAL
1.08 Duane Cross James, Edgerrin RB IND
1.09 Corey Roberts Taylor, Fred RB JAX
1.10 Richard Harris Moss, Randy WR MIN
1.11 Joe Levit Culpepper, Daunte QB MIN
1.12 Mike Nazarek Johnson, Rudi RB CIN

Round 1: Not surprisingly, the first nine picks were running backs. That's about par for the course for leagues like this. Moss being taken after that is also no stunner, but Culpepper going after that is a slight surprise -- but he does have the potential for huge points on a weekly basis.

Round 2
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
2.01 Mike Nazarek Dillon, Corey RB NE
2.02 Joe Levit Faulk, Marshall RB STL
2.03 Richard Harris Barlow, Kevan RB SF
2.04 Corey Roberts Harrison, Marvin WR IND
2.05 Duane Cross Vick, Michael QB ATL
2.06 Dave Gawron Davis, Stephen RB CAR
2.07 Ryan Houston Holt, Torry WR STL
2.08 Greg Kellogg Davis, Domanick RB HOU
2.09 Sam Lubeck Henry, Travis RB BUF
2.10 James Quintong Westbrook, Brian RB PHI
2.11 Bob Harris Manning, Peyton QB IND
2.12 Kirk Bouyelas Jones, Kevin RB DET

Round 2: Again, there was a run on backs, although at least studs like Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning were also taken here. Cross hopes Vick will do more for him this year than last, when he took the Falcons' QB in the first round -- just days before he broke his leg.

Round 3
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
3.01 Kirk Bouyelas Owens, Terrell WR PHI
3.02 Bob Harris Bennett, Michael RB MIN
3.03 James Quintong Ward, Hines WR PIT
3.04 Sam Lubeck Johnson, Chad WR CIN
3.05 Greg Kellogg Gonzalez, Tony TE KC
3.06 Ryan Houston Jones, Thomas RB CHI
3.07 Dave Gawron Smith, Steve WR CAR
3.08 Duane Cross Moulds, Eric WR BUF
3.09 Corey Roberts McNabb, Donovan QB PHI
3.10 Richard Harris Brown, Chris RB TEN
3.11 Joe Levit Martin, Curtis RB NYJ
3.12 Mike Nazarek Horn, Joe WR NO

Round 3: There were a bunch of receivers taken, but no real run emerged here. It's not a big surprise that Tony Gonzalez was taken early, given how far ahead he is of everyone else at tight end.

Round 4
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
4.01 Mike Nazarek Mason, Derrick WR TEN
4.02 Joe Levit Moss, Santana WR NYJ
4.03 Richard Harris Heap, Todd TE BAL
4.04 Corey Roberts George, Eddie RB TEN
4.05 Duane Cross Garner, Charlie RB TB
4.06 Dave Gawron Jackson, Darrell WR SEA
4.07 Ryan Houston Johnson, Andre WR HOU
4.08 Greg Kellogg Suggs, Lee RB CLE
4.09 Sam Lubeck Coles, Laveranues WR WAS
4.10 James Quintong Hasselbeck, Matt QB SEA
4.11 Bob Harris Staley, Duce RB PIT
4.12 Kirk Bouyelas Smith, Jimmy WR JAX

Round 4: Surprisingly, Todd Heap comes up here not too far after Gonzalez. Otherwise, it was the same mix of receivers, riskier running backs and a top-flight quarterback as the last round.

Round 5
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
5.01 Kirk Bouyelas Robinson, Koren WR SEA
5.02 Bob Harris Chambers, Chris WR MIA
5.03 James Quintong Walker, Javon WR GB
5.04 Sam Lubeck Rogers, Charles WR DET
5.05 Greg Kellogg Green, Trent QB KC
5.06 Ryan Houston Barber, Tiki RB NYG
5.07 Dave Gawron Price, Peerless WR ATL
5.08 Duane Cross Fitzgerald, Larry WR ARI
5.09 Corey Roberts Porter, Jerry WR OAK
5.10 Richard Harris Griffin, Quentin RB DEN
5.11 Joe Levit Winslow, Kellen TE CLE
5.12 Mike Nazarek McNair, Steve QB TEN

Round 5: Kellen Winslow has moved way up the tight end list to sneak his way into the flurry of receivers in this round. However, many of us were stunned to see Tiki Barber still sticking around this late, given this league's emphasis on running backs.

Round 6
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
6.01 Mike Nazarek Crumpler, Alge TE ATL
6.02 Joe Levit Smith, Rod WR DEN
6.03 Richard Harris Toomer, Amani WR NYG
6.04 Corey Roberts McCareins, Justin WR NYJ
6.05 Duane Cross Favre, Brett QB GB
6.06 Dave Gawron Shockey, Jeremy TE NYG
6.07 Ryan Houston Pennington, Chad QB NYJ
6.08 Greg Kellogg Bruce, Isaac WR STL
6.09 Sam Lubeck Brooks, Aaron QB NO
6.10 James Quintong Booker, Marty WR CHI
6.11 Bob Harris Stallworth, Donte' WR NO
6.12 Kirk Bouyelas Bulger, Marc QB STL

Round 6: A mini-run on quarterbacks punctuated this round, including Cross taking Favre to back up Vick, although he later traded him for Emmitt Smith. Jeremy Shockey fell a bit, taken as the fifth tight end overall.

Round 7
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
7.01 Kirk Bouyelas Dayne, Ron RB NYG
7.02 Bob Harris Brady, Tom QB NE
7.03 James Quintong Duckett, T.J. RB ATL
7.04 Sam Lubeck Baltimore Def BAL
7.05 Greg Kellogg Wheatley, Tyrone RB OAK
7.06 Ryan Houston Foster, De'shaun RB CAR
7.07 Dave Gawron Smith, Emmitt RB ARI
7.08 Duane Cross Williams, Roy WR DET
7.09 Corey Roberts Burress, Plaxico WR PIT
7.10 Richard Harris Buckhalter, Correll RB PHI
7.11 Joe Levit Jackson, Steven RB STL
7.12 Mike Nazarek Galloway, Joey WR TB

Round 7: The first defense gets taken here, but the Ravens seem to be worth it. But after a flood of receivers, here come the backup running backs, starting with Ron Dayne, who helped his value with a strong preseason opener against the Chiefs.

Round 8
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
8.01 Mike Nazarek Dunn, Warrick RB ATL
8.02 Joe Levit New England Def NE
8.03 Richard Harris Wayne, Reggie WR IND
8.04 Corey Roberts Smith, Onterrio RB MIN
8.05 Duane Cross Hearst, Garrison RB DEN
8.06 Dave Gawron Minor, Travis RB MIA
8.07 Ryan Houston Bell, Tatum RB DEN
8.08 Greg Kellogg Green, William RB CLE
8.09 Sam Lubeck McGahee, Willis RB BUF
8.10 James Quintong Williams, Moe RB MIN
8.11 Bob Harris Gardner, Rod WR WAS
8.12 Kirk Bouyelas Jones, Julius RB DAL

Round 8: Oddly enough, seven running backs were taken in a row and nine total in the round, making it seem like the first round. But depth at running back is important, and it seemed most teams wanted it at that point. That's how backups like Onterrio Smith and Willis McGahee go ahead of players like Keyshawn Johnson.

Round 9
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
9.01 Kirk Bouyelas Williams, Boo TE NO
9.02 Bob Harris Gates, Antonio TE SD
9.03 James Quintong McMichael, Randy TE MIA
9.04 Sam Lubeck Lelie, Ashley WR DEN
9.05 Greg Kellogg Johnson, Keyshawn WR DAL
9.06 Ryan Houston Robinson, Marcus WR MIN
9.07 Dave Gawron Davis, Andre' WR CLE
9.08 Duane Cross Pollard, Marcus TE IND
9.09 Corey Roberts Clark, Dallas TE IND
9.10 Richard Harris Plummer, Jake QB DEN
9.11 Joe Levit Johnson, Kevin WR BAL
9.12 Mike Nazarek Carolina Def CAR

Round 9: The inevitable tight end run took place here, interrupted by a brief receiver binge. It's interesting to see both of Indianapolis' tight ends taken back to back, which shows how much the Colts use them in their offense.

Round 10
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
10.01 Mike Nazarek Kennison, Eddie WR KC
10.02 Joe Levit Lloyd, Brandon WR SF
10.03 Richard Harris McCardell, Keenan WR TB
10.04 Corey Roberts Bettis, Jerome RB PIT
10.05 Duane Cross Bledsoe, Drew QB BUF
10.06 Dave Gawron Vanderjagt, Mike K IND
10.07 Ryan Houston Gage, Justin WR CHI
10.08 Greg Kellogg Taylor, Travis WR BAL
10.09 Sam Lubeck Franks, Bubba TE GB
10.10 James Quintong Garcia, Jeff QB CLE
10.11 Bob Harris Wilkins, Jeff K STL
10.12 Kirk Bouyelas Ferguson, Robert WR GB

Round 10: The first two kickers were taken here, but this round also saw a couple of deep sleepers at receiver -- the Niners' Brandon Lloyd (someone has to catch passes there) and the Bears' Justin Gage.

Round 11
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
11.01 Kirk Bouyelas Leftwich, Byron QB JAX
11.02 Bob Harris Miami Def MIA
11.03 James Quintong Philadelphia Def PHI
11.04 Sam Lubeck Harrington, Joey QB DET
11.05 Greg Kellogg Muhammad, Muhsin WR CAR
11.06 Ryan Houston Carr, David QB HOU
11.07 Dave Gawron Givens, David WR NE
11.08 Duane Cross Boldin, Anquan WR ARI
11.09 Corey Roberts Gannon, Rich QB OAK
11.10 Richard Harris Delhomme, Jake QB CAR
11.11 Joe Levit Maddox, Tommy QB PIT
11.12 Mike Nazarek Johnson, Brad QB TB

Round 11: Bring on the No. 2 quarterbacks as seven were taken in this round. QBs aren't as highly valued in this league, which is why it takes until the 11th round to see starting signal callers taken as backups, but the DeShaun Fosters and Moe Williamses of the world get taken much earlier. This is also a good round to take an injured player as bench help, just in case, as seen here with Anquan Boldin.

Round 12
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
12.01 Mike Nazarek Perry, Chris RB CIN
12.02 Joe Levit Fargas, Justin RB OAK
12.03 Richard Harris Warrick, Peter WR CIN
12.04 Corey Roberts Denver Def DEN
12.05 Duane Cross Longwell, Ryan K GB
12.06 Dave Gawron Tampa Bay Def TB
12.07 Ryan Houston Hollings, Tony RB HOU
12.08 Greg Kellogg McCown, Josh QB ARI
12.09 Sam Lubeck Smith, Antowain RB NE
12.10 James Quintong Davenport, Najeh RB GB
12.11 Bob Harris Calico, Tyrone WR TEN
12.12 Kirk Bouyelas Johnson, Larry RB KC

Round 12: More depth and the filling of kicker and defensive spots here. It's a bit surprising to see Peter Warrick last this late.

Round 13
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
13.01 Kirk Bouyelas Wilson, Cedrick WR SF
13.02 Bob Harris Jones, Freddie TE ARI
13.03 James Quintong Rice, Jerry WR OAK
13.04 Sam Lubeck Bennett, Drew WR TEN
13.05 Greg Kellogg Parker, Eric WR SD
13.06 Ryan Houston Brown, Josh K SEA
13.07 Dave Gawron Brunell, Mark QB WAS
13.08 Duane Cross Smith, L.J. TE PHI
13.09 Corey Roberts Driver, Donald WR GB
13.10 Richard Harris Branch, Deion WR NE
13.11 Joe Levit Tennessee Def TEN
13.12 Mike Nazarek Akers, David K PHI

Round 13: A handful of decent wide receiver bargains were found here as many went back to filling out depth at that position late in the draft.

Round 14
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
14.01 Mike Nazarek Graham, Daniel TE NE
14.02 Joe Levit Palmer, Carson QB CIN
14.03 Richard Harris Elam, Jason K DEN
14.04 Corey Roberts Seattle Def SEA
14.05 Duane Cross Dallas Def DAL
14.06 Dave Gawron Rattay, Tim QB SF
14.07 Ryan Houston Morgan, Quincy WR CLE
14.08 Greg Kellogg Williams, Ricky RB MIA
14.09 Sam Lubeck Vinatieri, Adam K NE
14.10 James Quintong Hilliard, Ike WR NYG
14.11 Bob Harris Stokley, Brandon WR IND
14.12 Kirk Bouyelas Stover, Matt K BAL

Round 14: Kellogg took an interesting flyer on Ricky Williams. If he changes his mind, Kellogg has a steal. If not, he's taken so late that it won't matter if he gets dropped when he needs to get a free agent.

Round 15
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
15.01 Kirk Bouyelas Clark, Desmond TE CHI
15.02 Bob Harris Nedney, Joe K TEN
15.03 James Quintong Kasay, John K CAR
15.04 Sam Lubeck Chicago Def CHI
15.05 Greg Kellogg Hanson, Jason K DET
15.06 Ryan Houston Kinney, Erron TE TEN
15.07 Dave Gawron Dyson, Kevin WR SD
15.08 Duane Cross Janikowski, Sebastian K OAK
15.09 Corey Roberts Manning, Eli QB NYG
15.10 Richard Harris Buffalo Def BUF
15.11 Joe Levit Carney, John K NO
15.12 Mike Nazarek Faulk, Kevin RB NE

Round 15: Lots of kickers, defenses and tight ends here to fill out rosters. But Roberts took a nice flyer on Eli Manning, who might start and should have his ups and downs. You could do worse for a third quarterback.

Round 16
Pick Owner Player Pos Team
16.01 Mike Nazarek Feely, Jay K ATL
16.02 Joe Levit Williams, Reggie WR JAX
16.03 Richard Harris Collins, Kerry QB OAK
16.04 Corey Roberts Kaeding, Nate K SD
16.05 Duane Cross Colbert, Keary WR CAR
16.06 Dave Gawron Alstott, Mike RB TB
16.07 Ryan Houston Jacksonville Def JAX
16.08 Greg Kellogg St. Louis Def STL
16.09 Sam Lubeck Rivers, Philip QB SD
16.10 James Quintong Miller, Billy TE HOU
16.11 Bob Harris Evans, Lee WR BUF
16.12 Kirk Bouyelas Indianapolis Def IND

Round 16: At this point, you're either filling out the roster or taking shots on anything. Richard Harris took a solid gamble on Kerry Collins, who could emerge as Oakland's starter, while Lubeck is guessing on Philip Rivers, who isn't even in camp yet. There were also three rookie receivers taken here in Reggie Williams, Keary Colbert and Lee Evans. At this point, why not?

James Quintong is Fantasy Sports Producer at SI.com.