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Posted: Thursday July 1, 2004 11:14AM; Updated: Friday July 2, 2004 10:50AM
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1. The early rumor from the first day of NBA free agency is that the Suns are putting together an offer for Kobe Bryant. The potential deal is thought to be for six years and in excess of $100 million. A source in Bryant's camp says the player considers the Suns attractive because he can easily picture himself feuding with Amare Stoudemire.

2. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has still not received the Cadillac he won when named MVP of Super Bowl XXXVI due to production and delivery snafus. NFL observers see this as the first sign that Brady's three-year deal with the Devil is expiring.

3. The U.S. Army has signed a sponsorship deal with the And1 Mix Tape Tour, the playground ballers who are visiting 30 cities from June 3 through Aug. 21. The Pentagon concluded that there was no better example for its troops than the selfless teamwork of Hot Sauce, Sik Wit It, Main Event and the rest of the And1 Crew.

4. Vandals deface a portrait of David Beckham at London's Royal Academy of Art, scrawling the words "you loosers" in indelible red ink. British pundits believe the word "loosers" was deliberately misspelled in reference to Beckham's alleged affair with Rebecca Loos, his former personal secretary. It's also possible that the vandals were idiots.

5. Tom Sizemore, the actor who is playing Pete Rose in an upcoming TV movie, is facing possible jail time for allegedly violating his parole. Sizemore's defense is that he's a Method actor.

6. An Indiana nun donates the $10,000 she won from the Reds to charity. Sister Susanna Helms won the cash because Barry Larkin and Sean Casey hit back-to-back homers on May 31, but because of her vow of poverty will give the money to the Sisters of Saint Francis. Sister Susanna politely declined commissioner Bud Selig's request that she distribute the money to small-market teams instead.

7. A new running shoe ad is unveiled Thursday by adidas and footwear store The Finish Line. The commercial shows an everyday person's running performance enhanced by his $250 adidas a3 shoes. The fictional run ends at the poorhouse.

8. Kenny Rogers wins his major league-leading 11th game. The Gambler attributes his success to a tape of affirmations that he listens to before each start. The tape repeats the mantra, "It's only the regular season ... It's only the regular season ..."

9. Tiger Woods patches things up with former swing coach Butch Harmon. Woods had been upset by comments that Harmon made about the golfer's swing during the U.S. Open, but a phone conversation between the two smoothed things over. To show there were no hard feelings, Woods offered to set Harmon up with his fiancée's twin sister.

10. NASCAR fines driver Tony Stewart $50,000, penalizes him 25 championship points and places him on probation until Aug. 18 for last Sunday's confrontation with Brian Vickers. NASCAR also penalized team owner Joe Gibbs 15 yards and took away a time out.