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Gary Sheffield, Unplugged

Posted: Friday August 5, 2005 4:34PM; Updated: Friday August 5, 2005 5:14PM
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Gary Sheffield
Gary Sheffield's most recent public rant will hit newsstands next week in New York magazine.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Gary Sheffield is no stranger to controversy. In a story for next week's New York magazine Sheffield blasts the media's portrayal of the Yankees. The following are some of the more quotable moments in Sheffield's career:

"My season is when I get paid. I'm not doing that. . . . I'm not sacrificing my body or taking a chance on an injury for something that's made up. This isn't the Olympics. That's a big difference. This is something you made up."
-- June '05 when asked if he would participate in next year's World Baseball Classic

"They're a walking disaster. They act like they're tough, how they care so much about winning, but it's all a front. They're just a bunch of characters."
-- On the '04 Red Sox

"The Brewers brought out the hate in me. I was a crazy man. . . . I hated everything about the place. If the official scorer gave me an error, I didn't think was an error, I'd say, 'OK, here's a real error,' and I'd throw the next ball into the stands on purpose.' "
-- September '92 on his days in Milwaukee.

''It did sting. hit me in my left shoulder. When they (doctors) cut my shirt open, the bullet fell out. The doctor said I was lucky I had the kind of windows I have in my car. I think it's double glass. It was a big hole, but it just grazed me. The doctor said I was lucky I moved or it would have hit me in the heart.''
-- October '95 after getting shot in the shoulder

"It don't make a difference who it is. If I didn't choose to go there, things are gonna have to change about my whole situation, contract, years, everything. Other than that, you might as well not bother trading for me, cause you're gonna have a very unhappy player. You gonna inconvenience me, I'm gonna inconvenience every situation there is. I mean, the only reason I'm playing is 'cause I wanna play for the Yankees."
-- June '05 after being rumored in a trade to the Mets for Mike Cameron

"I've been guilty by association my whole life. My uncle with his drug problem and I've been under investigation for that since I was 17 years old. And now I've been listening to the news and they've been trying to link Barry Bonds to things and everybody knows that I've been outspoken about training with the guy, so, obviously, they're trying to put two and two together and say, `We got something.' "
-- April '04 talking about a New York Times quote about BALCO

"We're going to bring our gold, our jewel in there, which is A-Rod. We're going to see how the chips fall this time. That's our man and we know he's our man. We're going to look out for him when he's in a situation like that. When he's in a hostile environment, we've got to make sure he's comfortable because it helps our team."
-- July '05 to the New York Post about A-Rod playing in Boston

"What did I do to be a villain?" Sheffield continued, listening patiently as someone recounted the reasoning. "Well, I mean you can't look at it that way. I didn't initiate it. It's a situation where I showed restraint, and I moved on from there."
-- July '05 after punching a fan in the right-field stands at Fenway

''I'm always mad at everybody -- that ain't the case,'' Sheffield, the Yankees' right fielder, said Monday. ''Because I don't sit here and smile with everybody, that don't mean I'm mad. It's just my personality. I don't see Randy Johnson smiling, but that don't mean he's mad.''
-- March '05 to the New York Times

''I don't really like spring training, to be honest with you,'' Sheffield said. ''I just get pumped for the season.''
-- March '05 to the New York Times

"(Bonds) said, 'I got guys here, they can get your urine and blood and prescribe a vitamin specifically for your blood type and what your body needs. And that's what I did." 
-- October '04 on the BALCO case to the San Francisco Chronicle

"I've been on my back a lot, and that's what I don't like. If that's how baseball is played, I'll just have to play like that and deal with people throwing at me"
-- May '89 during his rookie season on getting hit by pitches