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Photos surface in Stanley arrest

Posted: Wednesday May 4, 2005 12:30PM; Updated: Wednesday May 4, 2005 12:31PM
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Booker Stanley
Madison police escort Booker Stanley away from the altercation in handcuffs.
Bryan Faust/The Badger Herald
Stanley arrest
An unidentified man, whose face is partially covered in blood, is separated from the altercation in which Stanley was allegedly involved.
John Link
Stanley arrest
Police hold Stanley (bottom left, obscured) on the ground after the incident.
John Link

NEW YORK -- SI.com has obtained photographs of the arrest of Booker Stanley, the Wisconsin tailback who was suspended from the team Monday following an incident at Madison's Mifflin Street Block Party on Saturday.

Stanley was charged with battery, disorderly conduct and resisting or obstructing an officer during the party near the UW campus, Madison police said. He was released on $950 bail, and is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Two of the photos show an unidentified man who was allegedly injured by Stanley in the altercation; the right side of the man's face was covered in blood after police broke up the fight. Stanley is shown later (at right) being taken away in handcuffs, with a sizable bloodstain on the right breast of his Houston Oilers throwback jersey.

Former UW student John Link, who graduated from the school in 2003, saw the aftermath of the incident from a nearby porch and took a series of photos. "There was considerable commotion in between the houses," Link said of the altercation. "All we really saw were lots of cops holding two guys to the ground; each was subsequently hoisted up and taken away in cuffs. Stanley looked calm." 

A statement posted Monday on the UW athletics Web site said that, "Stanley is immediately suspended from competition and practice and will need to decide if he wishes to appeal the decision. Should Stanley pursue an appeal, the results of that process will be announced when it is completed.

"If Stanley does not pursue an appeal, the suspension from competition and games will continue until any charges have been addressed by the legal system and/or any applicable university or departmental disciplinary process."

The party drew about 20,000 people at its peak, and police said there were more than 200 arrests, most for underage drinking or possession of open containers of alcohol.

Stanley, the Badgers' No. 1 returning tailback, ran for 350 yards and two touchdowns and caught 18 passes for 146 yards and another score last season.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.