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Posted: Friday July 1, 2005 1:36PM; Updated: Friday July 1, 2005 3:04PM
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Top 15 Best Blow-ups
1. The Brawl
Pacers forward Ron Artest incited the Malice in the Palace when he led a fast break into the stands and tried to attack a fan who hit him with a cup. It all began with Pistons forward Ben Wallace shoving Artest after a hard foul. A fist-throwing, chair-launching, beer-hurling 10-minute melee ensued. Artest was suspended for the season.
2. The Choke
In December of 1997, fed up with the demands of coach P.J. Carlesimo during practice, the Warriors' Latrell Sprewell attacked his coach, choking him and then coming back 20 minutes later to take a few more swings. Spree was suspended and spent a total of 13 months out of the NBA.
3. The Chomp
In the first round of a heavyweight title fight in 1997, former champion Mike Tyson, enraged and out of control from the opening bell, twice bit Evander Holyfield's ear, the second time spitting a piece of it to the mat. He was disqualified and later suspended from boxing.
4. The Punch I
On Dec. 9, 1977 a scuffle broke out between the Lakers and Rockets. Rudy Tomjanovich rushed to aide his teammate Kevin Kunnert but Laker Kermit Washington, feeling someone coming up behind him, turned and delivered a right punch that shattered Tomjanovich's face. Tomjanovich underwent five surgeries to repair the damage.
5. The Punch II
The irascible Woody Hayes, an icon at Ohio State, lost his cool on the sidelines at the Gator Bowl in 1978 and punched a Clemson player who had just intercepted an Art Schlichter pass, thwarting the Buckeyes' comeback. Hayes, beloved as he was by fans, was fired shortly thereafter.
6. The Punch III
It was the sucker-punch that shocked hockey. Canucks star Todd Bertuzzi dropped Colorado Avalanche rookie Steve Moore from behind during a March 2004 game, knocking him unconscious. Moore suffered a broken neck and a concussion. The NHL suspended Bertuzzi indefinitely
7. The Bat Attack
Giants pitcher Juan Marichal provoked maybe the most brutal baseball fight in history when he conked Dodgers catcher John Roseboro over the head with his bat in a 1965 game. Marichal claimed Roseboro threw a ball too close to his head when throwing back to the mound. While Willie Mays dragged Roseboro off the field, a brawl ensured.
8. The Slash
Boston Bruins enforcer Marty McSorley blindsided Canucks enforcer Donald Brashear in a 2000 game with a stick over the head that left Brashear unconscious. McSorley was suspended for 23 games and found guilty of assault by a Canadian court. Brashear missed 20 games.
9. The Flag
Browns tackle Orlando Brown, incensed after being hit in the eye by a referee's penalty flag in a 1999 game, pushed the ref to the ground. The NFL suspended him indefinitely, later lifting it. Brown, who claimed an eye injury and returned to the Ravens in 2003, is suing the league for $200 million.
10. The Death Threat
After a game in 1994, Temple basketball coach John Chaney burst into a post-game press conference and threatened Massachusetts coach John Calipari. "I'll kill you. Remember that," he shouted. He was evidently upset with Calipari for intimidating the refs during the UMass win.
11. The Hat
Wrigley was far from "friendly" to the Dodgers' bullpen back in 2000. As fans peppered the pitchers with beer, one fan grabbed catcher Chad Kreuter's hat. Kreuter and the rest of the pen jumped in the stands to get back the hat, trading punches with the Cubs fans. Though L.A. got back the hat and the win, 16 Dodgers were suspended after the melee.
12. The Chair I
Bobby Knight was a tempest on the sideline at Indiana, but never more than in February 1985. During a loss to Purdue at IU's Assembly Hall, just as a Purdue player was about to shoot a free throw, Knight picked up a folding chair and whipped it across the floor to protest the officiating.
13. The Chair II
Angered by A's fans who were heckling the Texas bullpen, Rangers reliever Frank Francisco chucked a bullpen chair into the right-field seats. The chair struck a man in the head and then broke a woman's nose. Francisco was arrested the following morning and charged with misdemeanor assault. He pleaded no contest Thursday to misdemeanor assault.
14. The Spit
In one of the more distasteful acts ever on a baseball field, Baltimore second baseman Roberto Alomar argued, then spit, on umpire John Hirschbeck after being called out on a third strike. The two men have since become friends.
15. The Pine Tar
When Yankees manager Billy Martin challenged a home run by the Royals' George Brett in 1983 because of excessive pine tar on Brett's bat -- and umpire Tim McClelland agreed -- Brett's bolting from the dugout became a classic in hothead history. Brett was called out, but the decision eventually would be overturned.