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NBA: June 13, 2005

Posted: Monday June 13, 2005 11:21AM; Updated: Monday June 13, 2005 12:09PM
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Kiki Vandeweghe
Kiki Vandeweghe is unhappy in Denver and could end up with the Cavs if Larry Brown doesn't.
Garrett Ellwood

NBA Commissioner David Stern warned the players union that the league would pull its current offers off the table if a labor agreement could not be reached by the July 1 deadline. Stern said the league's owners had already made concessions. He blamed the union for not agreeing to year-round drug testing, a player age limit of 19 years old, six-year maximum contracts and a guarantee of 57 percent of revenue to the players.
-- New York Times

Billy Hunter, the executive director of the union, said: "We're not afraid of a lockout, but we understand, it would be foolish if we can't make a deal. We're going to try to make a deal." Hunter said Stern was not giving a full picture of where negotiations had broken down.
-- New York Times

The talk around the Pistons is that Larry Brown will pull back on the Cavs after all the negative publicity. The Cavs then will turn to Nuggets GM Kiki Vandeweghe, who is on the outs in Denver with contract issues. The Knicks figure to make a strong run at Brown assuming his medical issues are cleared up.
-- Chicago Tribune

Bill Laimbeer remains a longshot to become the next coach of the Knicks, but Isiah Thomas' interest in his former Detroit teammate is serious enough that he had a three-hour interview with Laimbeer Saturday night, the second one the two have had.
-- New York Post

Sonics associate coach Dwane Casey is a finalist for the coaching vacancies in Minnesota and Portland after meeting with both teams last week.
-- Seattle Times

Alonzo Mourning, who wants to play another season with Miami, said team President Pat Riley talked to the players the day after the Game 7 loss. Riley compared the team to condominiums that will take two or three years to complete. So it looks like Shaquille O'Neal gets that $30 million per year extension. But the contract is expected to include incentive clauses for weight in the 325 range.
-- Chicago Tribune

One reason the Cavs are said to be cool toward Zydrunas Ilgauskas is that they would like to make a major offer to the Bulls' Eddy Curry. The Hawks remain interested in Curry if they don't draft Utah's Andrew Bogut. Curry's health figures to be a major concern, though.
-- Chicago Tribune

The Spurs figure to get richer in international talent after this season when they bring in Luis Scola, a 2002 draft pick and Argentine teammate of Manu Ginobili. So why, Spurs GM R.C. Buford was asked, did they pass on Andres Nocioni? Buford said they hoped to draft him but a scout gave them the wrong information on his birth date for the 2001 draft. The Bulls could take a look at the last of the Olympic teammates, center Fabricio Oberto, who at 30 wants to take one crack at the NBA.
-- Chicago Tribune

Celts GM Danny Ainge was doing a good job building with young talent before misguided ownership foisted Gary Payton and Antoine Walker on him. Ainge would love to get back to his plan, so dumping Paul Pierce for a high pick would help. Don't count on it, though, because the Blazers also seem committed to young players, who, incidentally, have smaller contracts.
-- Chicago Tribune

If Utah is inclined to move Carlos Boozer, the Knicks and one of their expiring contracts are a possibility. The Knicks always are looking for more talent and willing to take the extra years. They also have the No. 8 pick, so they'd have a chance to upgrade as well.
-- Chicago Tribune