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1. Tennessee

Football weekends place the Vols on "Top" in the SEC

Posted: Monday September 19, 2005 7:37PM; Updated: Monday September 26, 2005 12:49PM
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"What do you mean 'lead-based paint'?"
Jeffrey Salter/ SI

AFTER 2 A.M.: "Paint the Rock." A large rock at the corner of fraternity row invites free-speech advocates to paint whatever they please under cover of darkness.

MUST-EAT: Sawyer's Chicken Fingers is an instant heart attack on a platter. The Sawyer's Sauce is famous, as opposed to the special sauce at the fast-food joint in Harold and Kumar, which was infamous.

DOSE OF CULTURE: During the Civil War the Union Army bivouacked at an area of the campus known as "The Hill."

RULE #34: You don't call it Cumberland Avenue. Just call it "the Strip."

MUSIC MUST-STOP: Barley's Taproom hosts live bluegrass music on Wednesday nights.

TICKET MASTER: There's a middle-aged dude in a green blazer who always sets up shop outside the University Center on game day. Look for the 60ish gent who looks as if he just won the Masters.

ONLY AT TENNESSEE: Vols players (Peyton Manning, Chamique Holdsclaw, etc...) and coaches (Phillip Fulmer, Pat Summitt) have all had streets in town named after them.

PREGAME: The Volunteer Navy transforms the Tennessee River, which runs just behind Neyland Stadium, into a sail-gater on Saturdays.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Georgia-UT football, Oct. 8; UConn-UT women's basketball, Jan. 7.

PACK YOUR: Alcohol in your bra (or your girlfriend's). Neyland Stadium security are pat-down pros. And speaking of crevasses, pack your caving gear. The top caving sites in the U.S. are within an hour's drive.


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