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The A-List (cont.)

Posted: Tuesday October 4, 2005 11:18AM; Updated: Tuesday October 4, 2005 5:06PM
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By Arash Markazi

6. Georgia -- Pay attention to that kick ass house band playing in front of some 250 people, it might just turn out to be the next B52s or REM, two bands from Athens that went on to popularize alternative rock and make this college town a music mecca. There are a ton of nightclubs and about a dozen world famous live music joints, from the three-story Tasty World to the 40 Watt Club, known by locals as the birthplace of alternative rock.

7. Tennessee -- The Volunteer Navy, with its 200 boats tied up together on the Tennessee River, may be the most famous game day party, but the postgame activities on the Cumberland Ave. Strip is where the real action is. Any student who calls K town their home will tell you that nothing compares to the sight of hundreds of girls wearing cut up orange T-shirts and tube tops after games. The Strip is a student playground, where bar hopping is a must and wearing anything orange is a necessity.


8. Indiana -- Bloomington has come on strong the past few years as a party school to be reckoned with after it was ranked No. 1 by the Princeton Review and after it joined ASU in the dubious category of having a porno film shot on campus ( Thursday night's at Kilroy's Sports Bar is one of the best places to socialize and drink until 3:30 in the morning at which point you go back and play "Sink The Bismarck" at one of the nearby dorms.

9. Ohio University -- In terms of party schools, the one in Athens, not the one in Columbus, is THE Ohio University. It has the largest and best Halloween party, outside of Madison, and the infamous "Meigs County Green" and "Meigs County Gold" has made OU one of the best campuses around, according to High Times. While the school might not be as famous as that of their stuck up friends in Buckeye country, it's getting there thanks to their infamous party scene. What the school lacks in athletic history, it makes up for by throwing the best "Fests" around, from the High Fest to the Palmer Fest, which are essentially huge block parties with bands.

10. McGill -- The stately old McGill, Canada's answer to America's Ivy League schools, was a surprise pick, but considering it is one of the few places on the continent where drinking is legal at 18, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Anyone who has gone to Montreal within the past few years will tell you that it is definitely a party town these days, and not just a place to practice your French while eating Poutine.

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