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The schools that can really party

Posted: Tuesday October 4, 2005 11:18AM; Updated: Tuesday October 4, 2005 5:06PM
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By Arash Markazi

It's one of the things most college tour guides brag about, at least when parents aren't around, to entice freshmen to come to their campus. After listing all the prestigious academic awards the school has won, the well-mannered guide will smirk and say proudly, "We were also rated as one of the top party schools by Playboy." It's what drew me to Arizona State, even though I could have stayed closer to home and gone to USC or UCLA. Sure, those schools are nice, but they're not certified by Hugh Hefner as top-tier party schools. Hey, I had my priorities in order.

 Well, after years of not updating its rankings, Playboy has brought the list back and is scheduled to run it in the May 2006 issue. I recently got a sneak peak at the 'Top 10, and while the official list is in no particular order, here's how I would rank them.


1. Arizona State -- There is not a hotter school in terms of its climate and student body than ASU's. I should know, I went there as a wide-eyed freshman and spent a year doing stuff I only thought they did in movies. You mean they really have bubble bath parties and throw couches off rooftops? Even student "leaders" know how to have a good time. Three years ago the executive vice president of the Associated Students of ASU, Brian Buck, got in some hot water after appearing in a porno that was filmed at several ASU fraternities, including Buck's Sigma Nu.

Beyond raising the next Vivid Video star -- Jenna Jameson actually lives close to campus and has been spotted at the popular Dos Gringos Trailer Park bar, sipping on Coronas alongside drooling students -- ASU is also known for having the most laid-back students. Most of them walk to campus without a backpack, wearing flop-flops and cargo shorts with their collared up Lacoste shirt still wrinkled from the night before. But don't mistake their apathy for stupidity, most of these Barbie and Ken look-alikes have mastered the art of taking and even passing a test while hung over.

2. Wisconsin, Madison -- I love Madison, but sometimes the folks at Wisco remind me of that friend who always has an excuse for why they didn't win something. "Oh we didn't win best party school because they don't allow professionals," or "We would have won that drinking contest but they banned Badgers from participating." Whatever. But I got to give it to them, the Badgers do know how to party.

They have something for everyone in Madison, whether it's rubbing shoulders with football players at the Kollege Klub, stuffing your face at State Street Brats or getting slammed at Bullfeathers. If you don't know where the party is in "Mad Town," look around you, it's everywhere. And not just on Halloween, when over 70,000 people take to the streets in costume with pumpkins and pilsners in tow.

3. San Diego State -- It doesn't get much better than catching a few waves and taking in a few rays on the Pacific, grabbing some authentic chips and salsa in Tijuana and jetting back in time to catch your first class of the day.

Aside from amazing weather and a location that puts you in close proximity to TJ, The OC and LA, SDSU has one of the hottest Greek scenes in the country. If you can't find someone at the Greek Circle during the first week of the fall semester, you just aren't trying. Even if you're too shy to hook up with a stranger, grab a plastic cup and head to one of the dozens of frat parties being thrown on Thursday nights.

4. Florida State -- The Seminoles might be famous for their football team, but even non-football fans get dressed up like fanatics for home games at Doak  Campbell in hopes of running into Mr. or Mrs. Right. The student section is like one large singles bar, filled with aggressive guys, flirtatious girls (, and enough smuggled in drinks to create a pretty mean wet bar. If you can't find a date, or at least a make-out partner for later in the night, you might as well go home on the visiting team's bus.

5. Santa Barbara -- You don't have to imagine what the blonde bombshell in class would look like in a bikini because she probably wears one to class anyway. After all, how many schools can boast of having their own beach, where students have been famous for "surfing to class" for years, not to mention getting in a few waves before an exam. Party central might be on Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista, but there's never a shortage of house parties at UCSB, otherwise known as U Can Study Buzzed or the University of Casual Sex and Beer.

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