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A quick guide to

Posted: Friday December 2, 2005 1:30PM; Updated: Tuesday March 21, 2006 5:05PM
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Every college student has a page, even Vince Young.
Every college student has a page, even Vince Young.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

By Maggie Haskins

Not too long ago, The Facebook was a collection of headshots of the incoming freshman class that colleges distributed and senior boys salivated over. Fast forward to 2005 and Facebook is an institution, and like cell phones, a social necessity for any college student. Yet, while some may view the as a way to tout their popularity or find out their friend's email address, the true devotees of facebook understand its subtleties and appreciate its creative possibilities.

Herewith is a quick guide to the phenomenon that is


On each personal page there is a central photo. The picture sets the tone of the page. It is also what appears when you are listed as a friend or when you post on someone's wall, or write them a message.

When selecting a picture there are a few popular themes:

The Solo -- A shot of you dressed up prior to a theme party, usually making a funny face. This says "Hey, I'm fun, I like to go out and I also have a sense of humor and appreciate self-deprecation -- why else would I be wearing pink leggings and a gold T-shirt?"

The Hug -- You and a friend hugging so tightly you are smushing each other. This is a shout out to your buddy. Whenever they view your page, they will inevitably feel better about themselves.

The Desire to Embarrass -- This is a photo not of the page owner, but rather one of their friends. One such version I have come to adore is my friend Randy's photo; it is a picture not of him but our friend Alex. Alex's head is softly leaning against a garbage can and his eyes are half open as drool spills down his shirt.

I've had a lot of positive feedback recently about my pic. I finally decided it was time to get rid of my "Solo" shot, in which I am flashing a thumbs up sign and wide smile while playing flip cup. So, I stumbled upon a pic of myself and Nick Lachey taken at the NCAA tournament in Nashville last spring. This has led to numerous wall posts and has allowed me and Nick to come clean about our love affair. You can save the $2 you were going to spend on In Touch; it's my fault Nick and Jessica broke up. I wooed him with a press pass.

Requesting Friends

The great thing about facebook is it allows you to catch up with friends from high school, and more importantly figure out the name of the guy/gal you met the previous night. No more awkward encounters in the dining hall when he approaches you to say hello and all you can give him is, "Heeey youuu."

While most friend requests should be accepted, there are times when it's OK to not accept.

If you don't know the person and they don't go to your school, you don't have to.

To that end, if you are going to request to be a friend of someone you don't know, I would advise against it. Facebook is about your current friends and connecting with old ones. If you want to make friends over the internet go to a chat room.

That said, it is perfectly OK to request Vince Young as a friend, just don't stalk him.

To be honest, I'm still hurting because Donkey in Boat never accepted me as a friend.

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