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Reality check (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday June 29, 2005 5:02PM; Updated: Thursday June 30, 2005 12:15PM
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Might there be a future movie role for Channing Frye if he returns Spike Lee's beloved Knicks to the playoffs?

• Now that Bogut and Utes quarterback Alex Smith have gone first overall in their respective drafts (marking the first time that has ever happened, by the way) I'll ask the obvious question: Which city gets an all-star first, Milwaukee or San Francisco? The mailbag is now taking votes. Polls close on Monday at 10 p.m.

•  Later, Knicks boss Isiah Thomas appeases director Spike Lee and takes Arizona's Channing Frye at No. 8. I'll bet Frye becomes an all-star before either of them.

•  Name me one Russian player that's ever been good, Mr. Sterling (and don't say Andrei Kirilenko). Croatia, clearly. Lithuania, without a doubt. But Russia?! Russia?

•  UConn's Charlie Villanueva is the night's first question mark pick at No. 7. Toronto quickly makes up for it nine picks later, selecting the exact same player in Oklahoma State's Joey Graham.

Martell Webster's grandmother Beula Walker wins my preliminary award for best hat. Something tells me she got it specifically for this occasion, and that the one she'll be wearing to church this Sunday (now that her grandson has that first-round jack) will put the mothers' board to shame.

• My old college roomie Bill Connelly e-mails me yesterday curious about what kind of movement he can expect out of the Portland Trail Blazers. "All I know is I want the Blazers to be involved in almost every pick," he writes. "I want them to trade for No. 2, then I want them to trade the No. 2 to the Lakers or Bobcats for a couple of picks and a couple of players, then I want them to trade those picks for more. I want to be entertained, dammit!"

The Blazers didn't disappoint, dealing Mizzou's best chance at a .500 record next year -- Linas Kleiza (No. 27) -- and prep schooler Ricky Sanchez (No. 35) to Denver for Georgia Tech's Jarrett Jack. I wonder if he likes weed.

• I can see why North Carolina coach Roy Williams would want to attend the draft, even though it has to qualify as both the proudest and most gut-wrenching moment of his life. As much as I'd like to take Williams for a proud papa seeing his sons off to their next great endeavor, the primetime face time on ESPN had to have been a boon to the Tar Heels' recruiting efforts. It's just too bad that he had to go up against President Bush and the BET Awards. Of course, as I type this, I can't help but think of how cool it would have been if both events were held at the same site.

• Speaking of the BET Awards (which reportedly featured a reunion by The Fugees, people, The Fugees!), the channel's founder and Bobcats owner Robert Johnson announced acting CEO Debra L. Lee as his successor at the awards show last night. Johnson, who plans to step down from the 25-year-old company at end of the year, reportedly told a rapt audience of mostly rappers that he'd consider coming back if Beyonce -- who had surprised Hustle & Flow star Terrence Howard with a lap dance during Destiny's Child's performance of "Cater to You" earlier in the night -- would pay him the same courtesy. Is it too late to change the Charlotte mascot? Tomcats?

• Illinois' Deron Williams (now point guard to the Utah Jazz) walks to the podium to shake David Stern's hand after the commish stumbles through the pronunciation ("DARE ... DARE ... DARE ... run Williams!), an image that leads one of my current roommates to this conclusion: "So, the draft is kinda like an auction?"