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Snap Judgments (cont.)

Posted: Sunday November 20, 2005 6:46PM; Updated: Sunday November 20, 2005 7:31PM
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• Taciturn Andy Reid testified for four hours Friday in the Terrell Owens hearing? Are you kidding me? In a press conference setting, you can barely get an injury report out of the guy.

• At one point on Sunday I was watching games in which the following were quarterbacking: Charlie Frye, Mike McMahon, Kyle Orton, Sage Rosenfels, Tommy Maddox, Matt Schaub and Kyle Boller. Combined what does that group own, maybe 25 career wins? Oh, and Ken Dorsey was back on the job in San Francisco.


• Tough day for inside linebackers. Within the first hour or so of play, both Carolina's Dan Morgan and Miami's Zach Thomas went down with shoulder injuries that looked like at least partial separations.

• Hey, it only took 11 weeks for Pacman Jones to help the cause in Tennessee. His 85-yard kickoff return against Jacksonville was one of his few positives all season.

• I was very high on Giants rookie running back Brandon Jacobs and his chances of solving New York's long-standing short-yardage problems this preseason. But against the Eagles he looked like he had caught Ron Dayne disease inside the 5-yard-line. Tip-toeing into the line won't get it done, Brandon.

• I'm not saying the Lions' Steve Mariucci will be doing his coaching outside of Michigan next year, but I think there's a great shot he'll be wearing Michigan State's green and white in the near future.

• Break up the Patriots. Two wins in a row for the first time this season has them thinking the obvious. That's right, a three-peat -- next week at Kansas City.

• In the Olin Kreutz-Fred Miller fight, was anybody but me struck by the fact that if you jumble up the letters in FBI, you can spell fib, which is what the two veteran Bears offensive linemen told in order to cover up their little bout of fisticuffs?

• The Eagles, the team that has won the NFC East four consecutive years, and has gone to four NFC title games in a row, is now 0-4 in their division, giving them virtually no shot to keep either streak alive. Forget about announcing the results of T.O.'s appeal of his suspension on Tuesday. Owens just might have his revenge.

• Nice so-called grass at Gillette Stadium. Between the hash marks, the field was as brown as a desert for the Patriots-Saints game. I know Pats owner Bob Kraft also dabbles in soccer with the New England Revolution, but let's not forget the "football'' game that pays the bills, Bob.

Kurt Warner, I owe you an apology. Being back in St. Louis brought out the best in your faltering game. But it would appear the Rams are starting to let things get away from them in a hurry.

• Don't look now, but the Atlanta Falcons, with back-to-back home losses, suddenly look like they're sliding from the ranks of what passes as the NFC's elite. Ironically, Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is throwing the ball as accurately as he ever has -- even as Atlanta's season heads the wrong direction.

Ben Roethlisberger can't get back quickly enough for Pittsburgh, which was clearly pressing its luck with a third consecutive week of the Charlie Batch-Tommy Maddox relief-pitcher formula.