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Giant leap

Manning leads New York into top five, Cowboys fall

Posted: Wednesday October 26, 2005 10:18AM; Updated: Wednesday October 26, 2005 2:44PM
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There's something that's disturbing me. Since it refers to college football, I will not disturb the poetry of the following opus. So you won't be reading about it until Friday's mailbag. Now if only someone will be kind enough to send me the following question: "What do you want to tell us, anyway?" And now, what you've all been waiting for.

NFL Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
1 1 Records continue to drop at a dizzying pace. First time in the club's history it has started 7-0, another Manning-to-Harrison TD to further embellish their record, Tony Dungy's 100th win. He is now the 34th coach to achieve this milestone. Upon request, Andrew will send you the complete list, with a calligraphic presentation and his own private pets and wildlife coloring book.
2 4 The way they methodically disposed of the Bengals earns them this position. Yes, I know the Jaguars beat Pittsburgh, but they defeated the Tommy Maddox Steelers, not the real ones.
3 3 Just talking about you chaps. The bye week cost you not one blessed position. Your challengers melted in the heat of near-midseason.
4 5 Well, now, isn't this just dandy. Andy Reid, under intense grilling about the departure of a running game, says he is thinking of running more. I mean not him, personally ... he doesn't run very fast these days. His team, the Eagles, you know. Uh uh, doesn't work that way. You put in a running game in training camp, or even earlier, in the draft and free agency, by your choice of the kind of players you want to acquire. You don't just open a faucet and out it comes. I know what he's thinking. Gosh, I've got to do something. I've got a QB who can't throw the ball farther than 10 yards. Right. He's gotta do something.
5 16 My favorite quote coming out of the inspirational Denver victory is from Tiki Barber. "Elisha was phenomenal." I didn't even know that was Eli Manning's first name. Educational quotes are always the best.
6 3 Mike Shanahan said he was going to run right at the Giants. Few people really had done it. And for a while it looked as if that would win him the game. Then in crunch time he backed off. Very few coaches have the fortitude to keep hammering for four quarters, and the ones who do make my Most Favored list because their games usually end a good 20 minutes earlier.
7 6 They need edge rushers. Willie McGinest is sturdy but old. Rosevelt Colvin never has fully recovered from his hip injury. Mike Vrabel is effective but needed in other places as well. May I suggest the name of the recently re-acquired Tedy Bruschi as one of your outside pressure guys? Just a thought, Bill, don't get annoyed.
8 13 Depth is winning for them. The stars of their winning drive against the Cowboys had names such as Urban, Hackett and Hannam. Can anyone in the station house provide an ID on these characters? The key interception came from Jordan Babineaux, who played for a college team nicknamed the Muleriders (anyone know this without looking it up?) and whose top honor was being named Dopke.com first team All-American kick returner. Nothing like depth, as the season heads for the turn and the weather gets chillier. Oh yes, the answer is Southern Arkansas.
9 9 Well, coach Mora, sorry if this upsets you, but Michael Vick is a guy who keeps both sides in the game. His runs, when he has a little room to maneuver, are dazzling things to behold. His passing is strictly hit or miss. He cranks up and fires the ball without much accuracy or touch. Why is everybody afraid to say this? I know why? Because they'd be ridiculed by those talk show yahoos whose idea of quarterback coaching is, "Hey, we're all having fun. Let him do his thing."
10 15 Before his Skins beat San Francisco, 52-17, Joe Gibbs was terribly worried that the Niners would be taken lightly. Afterward he wondered if he could save some of the points for later use. Yeah, I know, lame stuff, but unlike Tennyson and his Charge of the Light Brigade, I cannot wax poetic about a slaughter.