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Draft night an entertaining brew of fashion, emotion

Posted: Tuesday June 28, 2005 1:29PM; Updated: Wednesday June 29, 2005 5:58PM
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Jalen Rose; David Stern
Jalen Rose understood that you only get one chance to make a good -- or, at least, memorable -- impression on draft night.

There's nothing quite like draft night. The anticipation, the excitement -- it's palpable. Entourages are crowding in the green room. Mothers are dreaming of the homes they're about to be able to afford.

And David Stern soon becomes the most popular man in the room.

But there's more to the draft than just the selections. Sure, a team's future can teeter on its decisions, but it's often the little moments that fans remember years later. I mean, who can remember all of the Clippers' terrible draft night decisions? Only the die-hard Clips fan, I'm sure. But most casual fans will remember at least some of the following great moments in draft night history.

Jalen Rose dons a red suit

When it comes to fashion at the draft, it's hard to beat Jalen Rose's fire-engine red pin-striped suit he sported in the 1994 draft. Rose hasn't panned out as the superstar the Nuggets expected when they took him with the 14th overall pick, but few will forget his grand entrance into the league.

Then Nuggets coach Dan Issel said at the time that Rose "just seems to have a presence about him."

Uh, yeah, you think? The only guy I know who can pull off a red suit lives in the North Pole, and I don't see him getting drafted anytime soon.

Vlade Divac smoking in the green room

Jerry West is a genius.

If you saw Vlade Divac smoking in the green room during the 1989 draft, that's exactly what West, the Lakers GM at the time, wanted you to see. Twenty five teams passed on Divac before West nabbed the Yugoslavian center with the 26th pick in the first round that year.

TNT's Craig Sager thinks West may have played a part in Divac's green room performance and his slipping to L.A. so late in the round.

"Rumor was that Vlade was smoking when he got off the plane," Sager told USA Today, "and Jerry told him to keep smoking."

Smooth move, even if West then had to deal with Divac's smoking habit for the next seven years.

Casey Jacobsen's girlfriend getting hit on by Craig Sager

There's nothing more pathetic than a guy in an ugly suit hitting on a younger woman. But that's exactly what happened as Sager -- TNT's resident fashionista -- interviewed Stanford's Casey Jacobsen at the 2002 draft.