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It's getting hot in here (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday November 16, 2005 1:52PM; Updated: Thursday November 17, 2005 12:32PM
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T-5. Philadelphia (18)
Top College Players: Mardy Collins (Temple), Steven Smith (LaSalle), Kyle Lowry (Villanova), Mustafa Shakur (Arizona) and Sean Singletary (Virginia).

Top Recent Products: Hakim Warrick (Syracuse), Jameer Nelson (Saint Joseph's), Dajuan Wagner (Memphis), John Salmons (Miami), John Linehan (Providence), Lynn Greer (Temple), Marvin O'Connor (Saint Joseph's) and Matt Walsh (Florida).

Pipelines: Temple (3), Saint Joseph's (2), Duke (2), Providence (2), Villanova (2) and Syracuse (2).

T-7. Atlanta (17)

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Top College Players: Randolph Morris (Kentucky), Brent Petway (Michigan), Jermareo Davidson (Alabama), Robert Dozier (Memphis) and Toney Douglas (Florida State).

Top Recent Products: Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), Josh Smith (Atlanta Hawks), Jarvis Hayes (Georgia) and Louis Williams.

Pipelines: Georgia (6) and Georgia Tech (2).

T-7. Washington D.C. (17)
Top College Players: Jeff Green (Georgetown), Brian Johnson (Louisville), Isaiah Swann (Florida State), James Gist (Maryland), Marcus Ginyard (North Carolina), Delonte West (Saint Joseph's), Patrick Ewing Jr. (Georgetown) and Roy Hibbert (Georgetown).

Top Recent Products: Jarrett Jack (Georgia Tech), Keith Bogans (Kentucky), Lonny Baxter (Maryland) and Mike Sweetney (Georgetown).

Pipelines: Maryland (5), Georgetown (5) and North Carolina (2).

T-9. Seattle (13)
Top College Players: Brandon Roy (Washington), Aaron Brooks (Oregon), Jon Brockman (Washington), C.J. Giles (Kansas), Lodrick Stewart (USC), Rodrick Stewart (Kansas), Marcus Williams (Arizona), Micah Downs (Kansas) and Terrence Williams (Louisville).

Top Recent Products: Marvin Williams (North Carolina), Martell Webster (Portland Trail Blazers)and  Nate Robinson (Washington).

Pipelines: Washington (5) and Kansas (3).

T-9. Detroit (13)
Top College Players: Paul Davis (Michigan State), Malik Hairston (Oregon), Maurice Ager (Michigan State), Joe Crawford (Kentucky), Brandon Jenkins (Louisville), Chris Douglas-Roberts (Memphis), Dion Harris (Michigan) and Lester Abram (Michigan).

Top Recent Products: Arthur Johnson (Missouri) and Rickey Paulding (Missouri).

Pipelines: Michigan (3), Michigan State (3) and Missouri (2).

T-9. North Jersey (13)
Top College Players: Randy Foye (Villanova), Brandon Costner (N.C. State), Alex Galindo (Florida International), Artie Bowers (UMass), Darryl Watkins (Syracuse), Marquis Webb (Rutgers), Mike Nardi (Villanova) and Terrence Roberts (Syracuse).

Top Recent Products: J.R. Smith (New Orleans Hornets), Sean Banks (Memphis) and Brandin Knight (Pittsburgh).

Pipelines: Rutgers (3), Louisville (2), Syracuse (2) and Villanova (2).

T-12. Baltimore (9)
Top College Players: Rudy Gay (UConn) and Josh Boone (UConn).

Top Recent Products: Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse) and Juan Dixon (Maryland).

Pipelines: UConn (2), Maryland (2) and Syracuse (2).