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I don't love this game (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday September 14, 2005 11:12AM; Updated: Thursday September 15, 2005 11:15AM
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There are only 13 teams in the WNBA, but for some reason league and network executives refuse to admit failure. They want you to believe that this is the ideal number for competitiveness and not the result of entire cities saying, "Why would people go to these games?" The WNBA has been propped up more than JFK during bouts of Addison's disease and all with a great big "You're gonna love it!" smile. Well, we don't love it. The fact that it only costs a hundred bucks to sit on the floor should clue you in that something is wrong. When I was at my one and only WNBA game the two women next to me, in matching flannel shirts and motorcycle boots, told me they got their courtside seats by winning first place in a contest. I immediately wondered if second place was four tickets. If I am ever forced to attend another of these games, I'll insist on sitting in the nose bleed seats. At least from up high I could avoid the icy stares from my fellow "fans", get loaded, squint real hard and imagine the people down on the floor were men.

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Five things I think Peter King should have thought he thunk


1. I think Javon Walker wouldn't have injured his knee if he had been stretching and practicing with his team all summer.

2. I think it is time for New Yorkers to stop expecting Chad Pennington to be Joe Namath. Pennington is simply an above average NFL quarterback

3. I think that Eli Manning is getting a bit of a free ride, especially in comparison to the beatings Pennington takes in the press.

4. I think I prefer the ESPN Sunday night crew to Madden and Michaels on Monday night. A lot less babbling and a lot more data and strategy.

5. I think a Venti Starbucks black coffee, no matter where you go, is always hot and delicious. Stop fooling around with the other drinks.