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Top 10 Athlete TV Cameos (cont.)

Posted: Monday July 18, 2005 5:25PM; Updated: Wednesday July 20, 2005 10:14AM
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6. Barry Bonds, Beverly Hills, 90210, March 16, 1994: (I know 90210 isn't a sitcom, but I'm taking some liberities here.) This makes the list just for the pure absurdity of the appearance. Before BALCO and before becoming one of the most hated men in sports, the seven-time MVP tried his hand at acting -- on 90210. Barry played Barry Larson, who participated in a father/son golf tournament against Steve Sanders and his dad. However, Bobby Bonds did not play Barry's dad (perhaps explaining why Barry played a fictional character instead of himself). What makes the episode more ironic is that Steve caught his dad cheating during the tournament, took a moral stand on the issue and gave Barry the win (I could get into the ridiculousness of Steve Sanders getting all uppity about lying, but that's another topic). So basically, Barry Bonds ... uh, excuse me, Barry Larson ... benefited from his opponent's guilt over cheating.

7. Kevin McHale, Cheers, Nov. 7, 1991: This was the second of McHale's guest stints on the classic sitcom. The Celtic legend joined the gang for Norm's 40th birthday. During the festivities, someone asked a trivia question about how many bolts are in the famous parquet floor at the Boston Garden. McHale becomes so obsessed with counting the bolts that his game suffers and the Cheers crew feels guilty.


8. Muggsy Bogues, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Feb. 22, 2004: This appearance seemed to come out of left field, but it was a memorable scene for the tiny point guard. Larry and friend Richard Lewis encountered Bogues in a men's room. The trio exchanged pleasantries and then headed to the urinals to do their business. In typical Larry fashion, he couldn't help himself and decided to check out what Bogues had going on below the waist. Muggsy caught Larry taking a peek, called him out on "looking at his ..." (well, you know what) and stormed out.

9. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Diff'rent Strokes, Nov. 8, 1985: This episode was not meant to be funny, but how could you not laugh during it? Kareem played a hardnosed substitute teacher whom Arnold and his classmates didn't like. Arnold, trying to get Kareem's character fired, concocted a story that the teacher hit him. So you have 4-foot-8 Arnold accusing 7-2 Kareem of hitting him. You can't make up comedy like that. Anyway, as with all 30-minute sitcoms that must end with a bow wrapped on it, Arnold realized what he did was wrong, and he and Kareem became friends.

10. Reggie Jackson, Brian Downing, Mike Witt, The Jeffersons, Jan. 15, 1985: George was humiliated after dropping a Reggie home run ball at a game. Weezie wanted to help her depressed husband and went to see Reggie in the Angels' locker room. Upon arrival, Weezie was treated to an eyeful as players, just out of the shower, paraded around in nothing but a towel. Although mortified, Weezie kept sneaking a peak.