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The Rant

Too many NFL teams have offensive offenses

Posted: Thursday October 13, 2005 10:21AM; Updated: Thursday October 13, 2005 10:21AM
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The NFL is king. It always will be. There's nothing like those Sundays when we have wall-to-wall action. The king's crown, however, is tarnishing, and it can thank unwatchable offenses for that.

It seems that there are more inept quarterbacks, conservative coaches and bland offenses than ever before. Where are all the long passes? Where are the bombs? Just because a team has a good running back, doesn't mean it has to automatically abandon the vertical passing game. Look at New England, Cincinnati and San Diego. Those teams can run the ball and throw downfield.

I know there are more reasons these days why teams can't move the ball, and it's related to the cover-2 or the zone blitz, stuff that I'll leave to experts like Dr. Z to explain. But as a fan, here's what I know: Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Miami, the New York Jets, Tampa Bay and Washington all suffer from any or all of the following: crappy QB, clueless head coach, reliance on the West Coast -- aka the dink and dunk -- offense. Games involving these teams usually end up being snorefests, and as someone who is paying  $240 for the Sunday Ticket, I say I'm not getting my money's worth.