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The Rant

Compared to other jerks, Romanowski gets free pass

Posted: Thursday October 20, 2005 10:58AM; Updated: Thursday October 20, 2005 4:16PM
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Terrell Owens. Barry Bonds. Jason Giambi. Randy Moss. Ron Artest. I could list many more athletes whom the media, fans and players love to rip at every turn. But I say there's one individual who has gotten a free ride -- Bill Romanowski.

Sure, this thug has taken some hits here and there, but nothing like the aforementioned players. The criticism he's endured has been a day in the park compared to some of today's troublemakers. And I would say the sum total of Romanowski's actions are worse -- much worse -- than those of Owens, Giambi, Bonds, et al. The overrated linebacker once spit in J.J. Stokes' face, and when Stokes didn't retaliate in subsequent games, Romanowski taunted the 49ers wide receiver. He broke Kerry Collins' jaw -- in a preseason game. He also allegedly dislocated Shannon Sharpe's elbow. And who could forget when Romanowski broke the eye socket of one of his own teammates, Marcus Williams, whose career ended with that punch. Oh, yeah, and Romanowski not only took steroids, but readily admitted once that he ingested between 100 and 130 "vitamins and supplements" a day.

Yet, Romanowski is still getting a free pass from most of the sports world. Some have taken their shots, but the world hasn't pounced on him the way it loves to pounce on Owens, Giambi, Bonds, et. al.

Romanowski is currently doing the media rounds to promote a book, but he hasn't taken half the abuse Jose Canseco took when he was peddling his tome. And now to make matters worse, we have to see Romanowski crying on television and asking for forgiveness. Talk about a case of too little, too late.