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The Rant

Why can't the Super Bowl be played in the cold?

Posted: Thursday December 1, 2005 10:06AM; Updated: Thursday December 1, 2005 10:06AM
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A couple of weeks ago, news broke that NFL owners had tentatively awarded Kansas City a Super Bowl. However, there was one requirement: The Chiefs have to put a roof on Arrowhead Stadium. Why?

I've always wondered why Super Bowls had to be played in warm-weather cities or in domes. I understand that the NFL wants to make the game as appealing as possible for fans, media and players, but it's the Super Bowl -- the game will always be appealing. Super Bowl Sunday has become a holiday and the game has become a national event. Nothing will ever hurt it.

I think the Super Bowl would have even more appeal if it was played in a cold-weather city in a non-domed stadium (this year's game is in Detroit, but Ford Field is enclosed). Think about some of the most memorable games in NFL history -- the Ice Bowl, the Fog Bowl, the Tuck Game. All were enhanced by the fierce weather conditions. Why can't this be the case in the Super Bowl?

Some may argue that you want the biggest game to be determined in the fairest way possible. But that's nonsense. How come weather can be a factor in an NFC or AFC Championship game? Those contests are almost as important as the Super Bowl.

As an NFL fan, I think it would make the Super Bowl even more exciting if the game was played in an Arrowhead Stadium (without the roof) or a Lambeau Field or a Ralph Wilson Stadium or a Invesco Field, just to name a few places. Players deal with cold weather all through November, December and January. What's one more game with some inclemency?

Fans will show up to a Super Bowl (especially if their team is in it), no matter what the temperature or conditions. I guess special accommodations would have to be made for the plethora of parties that week, and you might have to find a facility to hold that ridiculous media day that's been taken over by interviewers who know nothing about football. But it would be worth it to have the added excitement of having the ultimate game played in snow or rain or freezing temperatures.