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False idols (cont.)

Posted: Wednesday July 20, 2005 11:56AM; Updated: Wednesday July 20, 2005 1:11PM
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Still, desperate contenders consider Redman desirable for a couple of reasons, and they go beyond him being a lefty and a veteran. Despite his record, Redman is tied for the league lead in quality starts with 14. Before Tuesday's loss, he had the fourth-best ERA among NL lefties. He was third in baserunners per nine innings in the NL, and he's allowed fewer hits than innings pitched. He's not a hard thrower, but he has a good change and a decent split-finger and, more than anything, he's reliable. Redman has started at least 29 games in each of the past three years, and he already has 20 starts this season.

The Pirates, out of the race in the NL Central, figure they can let Redman go, maybe get something good in return for him and let rookie left-hander Zach Duke (2-0, 1.23 ERA in three starts) take over.

Redman's best year was 2003 when he went 14-9 with a 3.59 ERA for the Marlins. Burnett never has won more than 12 games in a year, though elbow problems knocked him out of action for most of 2003 and part of '04.

Still, given a change of scenery and just the right situation, these are two pitchers that could win. They could make a difference.

That, at least, is the thinking among the desperate.

A couple of other notes on pitchers who could be traded:

• Rockies right-hander Shawn Chacon (1-6, 4.11 ERA) lost a 4-0 decision to the Nationals on Tuesday night, going seven innings, allowing two runs on seven hits and striking out five. He now has a 24-44 career record with a 5.22 ERA. According to the Denver Post, the Rangers and Padres are among the teams interested in Chacon, who has spent his entire five-year career with the Rockies.

"It is hard to put it out of your mind,'' Chacon told reporters. "It is hard not to think about it.''

• The Giants' Jason Schmidt, a one-time Cy Young candidate, didn't get a decision in San Francisco's 5-4 win over the Braves on Tuesday, but he's still being talked about. Schmidt went seven innings, allowed three runs on seven hits and struck out 10. But he's only 7-5 with a 4.74 ERA this year, and suspicions persist among scouts that something is wrong with his arm.

The Giants have said they're not likely to trade Schmidt, preferring instead to build around him next year. Despite that, despite the worries about his arm, the desperate are calling.