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Desperate connection

One letter separates TV star, college baseball player

Posted: Wednesday May 25, 2005 3:35PM; Updated: Thursday May 26, 2005 1:42PM
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A year ago she was a complete unknown. But then she ventured from the relative obscurity of Seņorita Justice to adulteress fame as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives. Today Eva Longoria is hotter than Google stock.


A year ago he was a complete unknown. But then he made the jump from the relative obscurity of playing shortstop at Rio Hondo Junior College to handling the hot corner at Long Beach State, and today Evan Longoria is hotter than ... well, certainly he's hotter than Gabrielle's cuckolded spouse, Carlos.

"I get ragged on it a lot," says Evan, "but I don't mind. My friends and I think she's hot."

Eva Longoria. Evan Longoria. This had to happen.

Tale of the Tape
Eva Longoria Name Evan Longoria
March 15, 1975, Corpus Christi, Texas Birthdate October 7, 1985, Downey, Calif.
5-foot-2 Height 6-foot-2
B.S. in Kinesiology, Texas A&M-Kingsville Higher Education Sophomore, majoring in Criminology, Long Beach State
Wisteria Lane Address Priscilla Street
The only one of her four siblings with dark features. Used to wonder if she was adopted. Sibling Stuff "I'm the only one of the four of us with light features. My brothers are dark, and my sister has dark eyes. People ask me if I'm adopted."
Miss Corpus Christi, 1998; One of People's 50 Most Beautiful, 2005 Beauty Moment "I feel kinda beautiful being asked to do this."
Desperate Housewives is television's biggest hit and Eva rewarded with $250,000 bonus Breakout Year Biggest hit was game-winning RBI versus No. 1 Cal-State Fullerton last Saturday, he gets to keep scholarship
Hispanic Nationality "Outgoing"
Tony Parker
(If Teri Hatcher had a vote, she'd say, John Salley.)
Favorite NBA Player "I'm more of a T-Mac guy."
A lavish trailer with full bath, kitchen, bedroom and pricey furniture. Diva Demands "Just to be left alone when I'm at my locker sometimes."
Headed to Toronto for pre-production on The Sentinel, co-starring Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger Summer Hiatus Plans Headed to Massachusetts to play in the Cape Cod League.

If Evan met Eva: "I would hope for extra bases. Definitely not a home run."