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Courting beauties

Somehow, we tennis players attract beautiful ladies

Posted: Wednesday September 7, 2005 9:51AM; Updated: Wednesday September 7, 2005 9:51AM
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Mark Philippoussis; Alexis Barbara
Beauty and the beast: Australian player Mark Philippoussis and girlfriend Alexis Barbara.
Bryn Lennon/Getty Images
Players with the hottest wives or girlfriends
Jonas Bjorkman
James Blake
Francisco Clavet
Guillermo Coria
Tim Henman
Thomas Johansson
Mark Philippoussis
Olivier Rochus
Fabrice Santoro
Filippo Volandri
Honorable mention: Marat Safin's guest box
Devin Bowen
Lars Burgsmuller
Brad Gilbert
Justin Gimelstob
Dominik Hrbaty
Karol Kucera
Todd Martin
Daniel Nestor
Radek Stepanek
Daniel Vacek

Outspoken tennis pro Justin Gimelstob is writing every few days during the U.S. Open, where he competed in the men's singles, men's doubles and mixed-doubles competition. Click here to read all of Justin's entries.

Beauty pageants are a controversial topic. Some people think they degrade and exploit women. Some people view it as light entertainment.

I strongly support the latter opinion. Men always will enjoy looking at beautiful women, and the men on the ATP Tour are no different.

As I mentioned in my first blog entry, the players' lounge is full of beautiful girlfriends and wives.

So in the spirit of the players' lounge, I thought it would be fun to write a top 10 list to congratulate the boys and celebrate their beautiful significant others (at right, in alphabetical order).

I'm not going to name the ladies' names, because some of them rotate so often (that's sort of the point here).

But you readers are Internet-savvy, so Google away.

The second list is the ultimate compliment, and I hope everyone takes it the right way. I call it the "overachievers" list. These are the top 10 players (current and retired) who are involved with a beautiful woman even though there are some obvious physical discrepancies between them and their significant others.

I am a prime example of an overachiever -- and therefore I make this list. I consider myself reasonably attractive (minus the huge noggin and invisible calves), but my girlfriend is far superior in any of the superficial physical categories some people tend to get caught up in.