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Holiday cheer

Early Christmas treats like Irvin, Nash and Taco Bell

Posted: Monday December 5, 2005 2:44PM; Updated: Monday December 5, 2005 2:44PM
Mario Raley celebrates Georgia's 34-14 win over LSU in the SEC Championship Game.
Mario Raley celebrates Georgia's 34-14 win over LSU in the SEC Championship Game.
Grant Halverson/Getty Images
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Quick hits from the sports (and regular) world ...

• You can tell the holidays must mean something when you find yourself sitting alone in a Taco Bell in the middle of New Jersey on a Saturday afternoon, and as you scrape the tomatoes off of your steak soft taco, the Muzak version of  I'll Be Home For Christmas comes on over the the speakers... and suddenly you feel all nostalgic. Incidentally, I can't wait until Taco Bell re-introduces their annual holiday favorite, the Egg Nog Quesadilla.

• I guess we're supposed to be happy with the BCS this year, since Texas and USC ended up playing each other in the Rose Bowl. But as a Georgia fan, I'm not really thrilled. We were five points (including a loss against Florida without our best offensive and defense players) from going undefeated. We soundly thumped LSU to win the SEC Championship. And we get to play West Virginia? Give us one of those overrated Big Ten teams, please.

• Five possible punch lines to yet-to-be-written Michael Irvin jokes...

1) I guess it explains his suits.

2) You try sitting next to Stuart Scott for two hours each week.

3) Barry Switzer.

4) The 7th Floor Crew.

5) He got jacked up!

• Sure, soccer has struggled to make it big in America, but I have the answer: Steve Nash. We knew he loves the sport, but did you know he could do this?

One of the greatest video clips of the year. If MLS doesn't break the bank and sign this guy right now, or maybe trade Freddy Adu to the Suns, they're avoiding the answer. And imagine the PR they'd get if they got the NBA MVP to retire in his prime to play soccer. We might have to give Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl a sedative if this happens.

• As a devout Braves fan, I was upset to see Atlanta was losing Rafael Furcal, the only Braves player who's jersey I own (owned). Raffy was so much fun to flying around the bases and displaying what must be the best infield arm in baseball. Then I read the article and discovered the Dodgers are paying Furcal $13 million a season. They realize he's a career .284 hitter, right? For that kind of money the Braves can stock an entire farm team and get more production. But enjoy life in L.A., Raffy.

• At the same time, I can't tell you how amusing and entertaining it is to watch Atlanta's division rivals New York and Philadelphia out-do each other overpaying aging free agents and trading away all their prospects. The Mets, for instance, are about to get Paul Lo Duca, who hit 6 home runs last year, will be 34 years old next season and will be owed over $6 million.