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Giving thanks

Here are just a few things I'm happy about

Posted: Wednesday November 23, 2005 2:28PM; Updated: Wednesday November 23, 2005 2:28PM
Josh Beckett
When Josh Beckett was shutting down the Yankees in 2003, who would've thought he's be traded two years later?
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and hopefully you're all finding things to be thankful for. In some cases, folks are just thankful that people are walking around with 20-pound frozen turkeys.

I'm thankful for several things, not the least of which is that my two nieces, ages 6 and 8, seem to have outgrown their Lizzie McGuire stage, which means when I'm home for the holiday we can watch slightly more adult programs on the tube, like Dirty Jobs, a fascinating show (that my nieces introduced me to) in which a man does things like feeding lions and cleaning up animal excrement. Good stuff.

Other things I'm thanking my lucky stars for:

• I'm happy I'm not a Marlins fan. It's never a good thing when your club president says, "The fiscal insanity that [former owner] Jeffrey [Loria] was willing to be a part of for all these years is over. We've been asked time and time again, when does it end? And today is that day." Then he threw in something about how the team is looking to move, perhaps to Vegas. Happy Thanksgiving, fans!

I realize the Marlins have stretched themselves a little thin. But this is twice in seven years they've gutted a team that won a World Series title. Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez might be good big leaguers one day, but giving away Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell to get them from the Red Sox is a bit extreme. Things aren't working in Miami, for whatever reason. Perhaps starting anew somewhere else isn't the worst idea.

• I'm thankful I'm not Pete Rose's p.r. guy. The all-time hit leader made some comments to the Associated Press via his manager Warren Greene. It was announced that Rose won't be on the Hall of Fame ballot this year, which is the 15th since he retired. (Players are no longer eligible to be voted in by the writers once they've been out of the game for more than 15 years.) Rose's question: "How can I be on a list that expires after 15 years if I'm suspended? It should be that time stops."

That's the stupidest thing I've heard in ages. Rose is arguing the 15-year rule shouldn't apply because "time stops" when you're suspended. How could Warren Greene keep a straight face when putting that out there? That's like showing up for second period chemistry and lighting a joint off a Bunsen burner, getting suspended for a week, and then arguing you should still be eligible for a perfect attendance award because you were only absent because you were thrown out of school.

• l'm also thankful I'm not Kurt Busch's p.r. guy. I defended him to a small degree earlier this week. My argument was that Roush Racing's had every right to suspend him -- but implying that he had been driving recklessly because he had been drinking was a gross misrepresentation of the facts and unfair to him. Didn't go over well with certain readers. Which brings us to?

• I'm thankful that, apparently, my reputation has preceded me in Hesperia, Calif. This is by far the best of the letters I got on Busch, from someone called Art in that lovely hamlet. All punctuation is his: "I was told not to read you're articles because you are not to bright so the story go's around here. My first story by you and I fond everyone to right on. Defending a arragont, self centered, ego driven, and I can go on and on, has got to be done by one and the same. There was alcohol involved dummy, that is what the officer said, only a broken machine bailed him out. I have met him and I immidiatly did not like him as well as his brother who proved his, o well, what the use." Assuming this is no joke (and if it is, well done), I love the fact that certain people in Hesperia are telling other people in Hesperia that I'm a moron.

• I'm thankful I got to see Rusty Wallace race. Even if you're not a NASCAR fan, you should try to take in a race at Bristol (or another short track if you can). At a short track, the premium is on the driver, not the car, and if you're in the stands you get a much better perspective than you would watching it on TV. You can see the whole track, watch guys maneuver through traffic. And no one was as good on the bull rings than Wallace, who retired after last Sunday's race.

Idiot of the Week

If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that if you're wanted for murder, it's never a good idea to advertise your whereabouts in the end credits of a TV show.

Thanks for stopping by, don't eat too much pie, and stay classy.