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Shopping day

Trade deadline flurry as intriguing as it is puzzling

Posted: Thursday February 24, 2005 5:18PM; Updated: Thursday February 24, 2005 6:00PM
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Chris Webber
The 76ers' trade for five-time All-Star Chris Webber should more than answer Allen Iverson's request for help.
Chris Birck/NBAE via Getty Images

So much for the notion that this year's NBA trade deadline would pass quietly. While some GMs speculated that uncertainty over the upcoming new collective bargaining agreement might lead to fewer deals, it proved not to be the case. Chris Webber, Antoine Walker, Baron Davis and Keith Van Horn were just a few of the marquee players to change uniforms in a flurry of activity. Here's a thumbnail look at some of the big moves, and what they mean:


Chris Webber, Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley for Kenny Thomas, Corliss Williamson, Brian Skinner

Why the Kings did it: to improve chemistry and get rid of Webber's three-year, $62 million contract.

Why the Sixers did it: to give Allen Iverson scoring help, and make a run at this year's Atlantic Division title.

Bottom line: Philly becomes a top 5 team in the East, while Sacramento keeps Peja Stojakovic happy.


Baron Davis for Dale Davis and Speedy Claxton

Why the Hornets did it: to clear salary cap room. Dale Davis' contract ($10 million) expires after the season while Baron was owed $63 million over the next four years.

Why the Warriors did it: Baron Davis is an All-Star talent when healthy. He and Jason Richardson could form a devastating backcourt.

Bottom line: The Hornets can get on with the rebuilding while the Warriors suddenly have hope for the future, but Baron has to stay healthy.


Gary Payton, Tom Gugliotta, Michael Stewart and a first-round draft pick for Antoine Walker

Why the Celtics did it: to keep pace with the Sixers, get scoring help for Paul Pierce, and bring a popular former Boston player back to town.

Why the Hawks did it: To get a first-round draft pick. Payton is likely to never suit up for Atlanta and will probably be waived.

Bottom line: Walker has forgiven Boston GM Danny Ainge for trading him to the Mavs two years ago. Payton will forgive Ainge only if he gets picked up by a favored Western contender.