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Making the cut

Sonics scout gives inside look at team's war room

Posted: Tuesday June 28, 2005 11:38AM; Updated: Tuesday June 28, 2005 12:37PM
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Vladimir Radmanovic; Nate McMillan
Vladimir Radmanovic (left) was the Sonics' first round pick (12th overall) in 2001.
Brian Bahr/Getty Images
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What's it like in an NBA team's draft room during the final 48 hours before the big event? We asked Sonics head scout Steve Rosenberry, a member of Seattle's "war room" cabinet, to take us through his team's preparations for Tuesday's Draft.

Sunday, June 26

5 p.m. PDT. -- "At this point, 48 hours before the draft, we've got a pretty good grasp. The basketball side [led by GM Rick Sund and director of player personnel David Pendergraft] has done all the legwork and scouting. We've ranked all the players and we have them in groups by position.

"We've got the No. 25 pick in the first round, and 48 and 55 in the second. I think this draft's real deep. We're going to have some options. You look at guys like Nate Robinson, Luther Head, Julius Hodge, Jarrett Jack, Linas Kleiza. Then there are a couple of foreign big guys, like Martynas Andriuskevicius, who might still be on the board. We'll look at them all.

"One thing we're not going to do is schedule any more workouts. Some teams will bring in guys at the last minute. We've done that in the past. A few years ago we brought Vladimir Radmanovic back a day before the draft [in 2001]. He was an international guy, so we hadn't seen him as much. We really liked him, but we wanted to make sure. The poor guy was exhausted. He'd had like 24 workouts, but he agreed to do it. We ended up drafting him with the No. 12 pick.

"We had a meeting Sunday afternoon to talk about a few specific players. Wally Walker, our team president, came in holding a copy of the Sunday New York Times. It had an article about the recent history of the draft, and the Sonics were ranked No. 1 [in terms of drafting success relative to draft position, since 1998]. He made copies for everybody. We all got a kick out of it."

Monday, June 27

8 a.m. -- "Today is for fact-finding and film watching and juggling of names. Some of the staff and coaches were in early. Rick [Sund] was in at 5 a.m. to work out and be at his desk in case we get any calls from East Coast teams. We're not getting a lot of calls [for trades] this year, probably because we have so many free agents, but you have to be ready just in case."