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Open Mike (cont.)

Posted: Thursday April 14, 2005 12:21PM; Updated: Thursday April 14, 2005 12:21PM
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Ultimate Mock Draft Part II
Pick Team Pos. Player
17 S Ed Reed
If Marvin Lewis had coached this guy during the Ravens' Super Bowl season, Baltimore's defense might not have given up any points. A young game-changer who's still getting better. Scary.
18 OT Walter Jones
If there's anything Mike Tice loves more than Super Bowl tickets (sorry, big guy, it was too easy to pass up), it's a huge, sturdy, aggressive left tackle.
19 TE Antonio Gates
Here, Coach Martz, enjoy your new toy-and try to make it so that opposing safeties are the ones calling NFL security.
20 S Troy Polamalu
He's Ed Reed with really, really long hair. The hard-hitting Polamalu will be as loved in Buffalo as he is in Pittsburgh.
21 OT John Henderson
The Jags already own Stroud's equally potent interior linemate, and they're not about to let him go.
22 LB Ray Lewis
Yes, there is his age and recent injury history to consider, and the Ravens arguably have several other players (Terrell Suggs, Chris McAllister, Todd Heap) who'd be more logical selections. But few players have been so identified with a franchise in the salary-cap era, and why break that up before it's time?
23 WR Roy Williams
Hey, Mike Holmgren, a receiver with hands! Already familiar with the West Coast offense after a rookie season in Detroit, this kid catches everything.
24 OT Orlando Pace
The Next Brett Favre would like to embark upon his impossible task without a defensive end constantly in his grill, thank you very much.
25 QB Ben Roethlisberger
Give Mike Shanahan a couple of years with this big, mobile, poised passer, and the Broncos will be Mile High again.
26 QB Chad Pennington
You know Herm Edwards is taking one of his guys. Shaun Ellis? John Abraham? Jonathan Vilma? Nah, it has to be Chadwick, who was a missed field goal away from taking his team to the AFC title game last season. Following a time-honored tradition, Jets fans react by booing loudly.
27 LB Julian Peterson
Jimmy Mora could've gone with star middle linebacker Keith Brooking here, but instead he reaches back into his 49ers past to pluck this versatile, athletic player.
28 QB Ryan Leaf
Sorry, bad flashback. The real selection is: Keith Bulluck, Outside Linebacker. Marty Schottenheimer gets his fast, nasty defensive enforcer.
29 LB Jonathan Vilma
When Tony Dungy looks at Vilma, a standout rookie for the Jets last season, he sees Derrick Brooks. That is a very, very pleasant sight.
30 CB Charles Woodson
Heaven knows the last time the Steelers had a Woodson at cornerback, it worked out nicely. Getting in touch with his inner Slash, Bill Cowher allows C-Dub to feed his offensive Jones after all these years. Another logical pick here: Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield, whose physical play would be welcomed in Steeltown.
31 WR Marvin Harrison
I know it's a stretch, but after last year perhaps Andy Reid has come to understand the importance of a game-breaking receiver. Thus, despite the slew of talented Eagles defenders still on the board (especially Brian Dawkins and Lito Sheppard), Reid welcomes Harrison home to Philly.
32 DE Patrick Kerney
Bill Belichick gets athleticism and chemistry here, picking an undersized pass rusher (a la Mike Vrabel) with a relentless motor (a la Tedy Bruschi) and a penchant for the dramatic play (a la Willie McGinest).


Check in next week for Round Two.