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Posted: Thursday January 6, 2005 10:10AM; Updated: Thursday January 6, 2005 4:42PM
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1. An estimated 24 Utah fans were zapped with 50,000-volt electric devices by police when they tried to enter the playing field after the Utes' 35-7 win over Pitt at Saturday's Fiesta Bowl. Medical experts say the electronic incapacitators can deliver a powerful shock approaching that experienced by Oklahoma fans.

2. Wade Boggs was elected to baseball's Hall of Fame on the strength of a .328 career average, best ever among third basemen, and 3,010 hits. As it turns out, Boggs is also distantly related to Abner Doubleday, the alleged inventor of baseball. Boggs believes that he's a seventh cousin on his former mistress' side.

3. The Massachusetts State Lottery will pay the Red Sox $250,000 to sponsor the team's tour of the World Series trophy to all cities and towns in the state. The deal was made possible because the lottery has been running a giant surplus. Evidently, Red Sox fans have used up all their luck.

4. Here's guessing that Evel Knievel isn't a big 50 Cent fan. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court upheld a ruling that ESPN did not libel the daredevil in an April 2001 caption on ESPN.com. In a photo from ESPN's Action Sports and Music Awards ceremony, Knievel was shown with his arms draped around his wife and another woman with the tagline, "Evel Knievel proves that you're never too old to be a pimp." Two of the three judges ruled that "pimp" was merely a lighthearted use of current slang and that no reasonable reader would have interpreted it literally. After the decision, Knievel said he was stunned the court decided to hate the playa, not the game. (Just being lighthearted, Evel!)

5. Churchill Downs has doubled the size of the Kentucky Derby purse to $2 million. The agreement resolves the dispute between the horses and the track's owners, who were threatening to lock the starting gate.

6. Embattled Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger, who has been beset by NCAA investigations of the school's football and basketball programs, cited burnout in announcing Wednesday that he will resign effective June 30. As a retirement gift, the Buckeyes graciously presented Geiger with a ceremonial sword for him to fall upon.

7. A BMW formerly owned by David Beckham during his first season with Manchester United was recently sold on eBay for about $170,000. A man named John Pearson originally bought the car from Beckham for $30,000 and resold it to another buyer, who then shopped it on eBay for a tidy 467 percent profit. Let's hope that whoever bought the car performed more due diligence than George Costanza did when he purchased the Chrysler LeBaron convertible that he believed had been previously owned by actor Jon Voight. That car, of course, actually belonged to a periodontist named John Voight.

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8. Reader mail: We enjoyed this note from Joel of New York, who was reacting to an item in Monday's 10 Spot about the sign in the bathroom of the media hotel explaining that the discoloration of the water was caused "largely by humic or tannic substances" in South Florida's raw water supply. Joel's explanation: "I too was in the Fort Lauderdale Marina Marriott about a week ago and I was slightly wary of that sign/the water. I looked up humic in the dictionary and it means 'of, relating to, or derived at least in part from humus.' I then looked up humus, which means 'a brown or black complex variable material resulting from partial decomposition of plant or animal matter and forming the organic portion of soil.' So, I guess the moral of the story is, Don't drink the water." Thanks, Joel, but too late.

9. Several readers were perturbed that the 10 Spot made the mistake of placing Omaha in Oklahoma rather than Nebraska in a late-night conversation with a fellow scribe after the Orange Bowl. Just to set the record straight, I have been to Omaha several times and know full well what state it is in; it was merely a brief late-night brain cramp. I played it a bit dumb in my explanation in part to poke fun at myself but more as an excuse to uncork the Counting Crows lyric. Some readers, though, will justifiably argue that I have no need to "play" dumb.

10. Belated congratulations to the men's basketball team at Division III Williams (Mass.) College, the 10 Spot's alma mater. The Ephs (odd nickname, yes) fell to Wheaton College 82-74 on Tuesday, snapping the school's Division III-record 64-game home winning streak at fabled Chandler Gymnasium. Ephs coach Dave Paulsen, the two-time reigning Div. III coach of the year, hired me to work in the Williams sports information office when I was a sophomore. Thus D.P. deserves the credit, or blame, for setting me on the path that would one day allow me to bring daily Ken Jennings updates to SI.com readers.