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Tice tumult continues

Look for NFL to announce strict new scalping policy

Posted: Tuesday March 15, 2005 10:26AM; Updated: Tuesday March 15, 2005 4:04PM
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Mike Tice admitted to SI.com last week that he scalped his Super Bowl tickets last year.
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In the offseason, the Monday Morning Quarterback Tuesday Edition will feature Peter King's mailbag and nothing but the mailbag, so on to the reader's questions ...

NOT VERY NICE, TICE. From James F. Albertson, of Norman, Okla.: "First, Mike Tice should be fired for scalping Super Bowl tickets. He's making $1 million a year, and if he cannot live on $1 million a year, he needs to quit and deliver newspapers to see how the real people live. Next, based on the investigation revealing that many NFL players scalp their Super Bowl tickets, the NFL should cease and desist giving Super Bowl tickets to players and coaches. Period! You abuse the privilege and you lose it. That is a code the majority of us live in life and the NFL players and coaches should get a taste of this for themselves.''

James, I'm sure the NFL is going to come down mostly on your side. Tice has placed himself on the firing line. If the ownership situation in Minnesota wasn't so muddled, there's a good chance he'd get fired right now. But with the new owner not likely to be decided until May at the earliest, Tice has got a chance to survive. Paul Tagliabue is going to have to make a hard-and-fast rule about selling tickets, because so many people in the NFL do it. And I think you'll see him set out a new and stricter policy, with some teeth, soon.

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A FAVRE FAN SPEAKS. From Jeff Custer of Washington, D.C.: "Favre is coming back!!! I have no question, just a reason to live.''

Are you sure you don't work for a network televising the NFL?

RYAN BELIEVES GIBBS MAY BE OFF HIS ROCKET. From Ryan Corcoran of Centreville, Va.: "This past week the Redskins lost three of their best players and Joe Gibbs looks like he has no idea what he's doing. He said he was going to sign Antonio Pierce and Fred Smoot, that they were part of the 'core group to build around,' but today they are both on different teams. Why isn't anyone giving Gibbs the ripping he deserves? I mean, I'm a loyal Redskins fan and love Joe Gibbs as a coach. But wow, he's a terrible GM.''

It's the cap, Ryan. When the Redskins signed so many guys to such big deals last year, they in effect shut off the spigot for 2005. Remember when you were so happy about all the huge deals Washington made a year ago? After signing Shawn Springs, Clinton Portis, Cornelius Griffin and Marcus Washington (and I know I'm forgetting about 23 others), you can't keep throwing money at more players the next year.