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Five Things I Think I Think

Second impressions midway through the first round

Posted: Saturday April 23, 2005 3:15PM; Updated: Saturday April 23, 2005 5:10PM
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Cedric Benson
Cedric Benson shed a tear after being selected by the Bears, but he'll need to get used to being compared to Ricky Williams.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

SAN DIEGO -- The latest update midway through the first round of the NFL Draft:

1. I think this is all you need to know about Cleveland-San Francisco talks about Alex Smith going from the Bay Area to the Lake Erie area: Because it would have taken an absurd amount of NFL currency to make this happen (such as Cleveland's first-round pick next year plus something else), it's far better the Browns solved their need for a long-term wideout with cold-weather experience in Braylon Edwards and kept the integrity of their future personnel harvest intact. Cleveland knew it had too many needs to bring a good -- but not flawless -- prospect to Cleveland at the expense of building for the future.

2. I think it sure is a nice day here in San Diego. Nice day for the Chargers to pick a defensive end or outside linebacker and a wideout -- in that order. They started with the hybrid rush-man Dallas didn't want -- Maryland's Shawne Merriman. I kept hearing how he was a little stiff. But he sure knows how to blow people up. On the highlights, he hits like a bulked-up Seau.

3. I think Cedric Benson will be a fine cold-weather back. Good fit for the Bears. But to hear him on ESPN bemoan the comparisons to Ricky Williams ... are you kidding me? Cedric, a word of caution: You're going to be compared to Ricky Williams for a very long time, because you're a similar back. This is not racial profiling.

4. I think the Lions have to be kidding. Another wideout? Hey, Mike Williams is obviously a heck of a player. But you're telling me Williams was a better pick for them than the best non-cornerback defensive player in the draft? I think not. Imagine you're Charles Rogers, rehabbing your rear end off from two busted collarbones. You haven't been just slapped in the face. You have been hit with a Mike Tyson roundhouse.

5. I think I really hope, someday, Aaron Rodgers has the last laugh on all the teams that are passing on him.