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Five Things I Think I Think

Breaking down the first round's big surprises

Posted: Saturday April 23, 2005 6:51PM; Updated: Saturday April 23, 2005 7:56PM
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Matt Jones
Arkansas QB-to-receiver Matt Jones was the surprise of the first round, but "steal" status is a little much.
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

SAN DIEGO -- Five things I think I think at the end of the first round:

1. I think there were three stunners in the round: conversion player Matt Jones going 21st to Jacksonville, drop-like-a-stone quarterback Aaron Rodgers number 24 to Green Bay, and defensive tackle Luis Castillo (with his steroid-admission asterisk) making it into the first round, at 28 with San Diego. There were other surprises, but those were the real bizarre occurrences.

2. I think Sean Salisbury needs to chill. Said the former QB of the Jags' pick of Jones: "This is a steal at 21 for Jacksonville.'' Now just hold on. Nobody, and I mean nobody, thought Jones would go higher than he did. Most NFL types thought he'd be a second-round pick, with some thinking he might sneak into somewhere late in the first round. So he went 21st overall. How can a guy be a steal if he goes earlier than anyone thinks he'll go?

3. I think, re: Castillo, that it seems likely his flirtation with androstenedione, a banned steroid that he tested positive for at the Scouting Combine, was a one-time offense. He told the Chargers he took it one time to help him recover from an elbow injury, and football officials at Northwestern provided San Diego with testing data from college that said he never tested positive for a steroid. "It was a non-issue for us,'' GM A.J. Smith said after making the pick. "If we were uncomfortable with it, he would not be a San Diego Charger.'' Said Castillo: "I got scared because I had an elbow injury that just wasn't healing. I made a huge mistake. It will never happen again.''

4. I think Virginia tight end Heath Miller, a blocker and receiver, will look great in Steeler black and gold. Great pick.

5. I think the Colts did a good thing. Drafting a versatile cornerback, Marlin Jackson, will let them continue to chip away at the Patriots.