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Posted: Tuesday April 26, 2005 2:13PM; Updated: Tuesday April 26, 2005 4:25PM
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CHRIS, YOU ARE SO RIGHT. From Chris of New York: "Peter, do the Redskins have a clue? By drafting Jason Campbell, they now have three QBs making substantial money (two first-round deals, and one albatross). They also trade Laveranues Coles for an inferior receiver, and take a huge cap hit in the process. Do they have any idea about how to manage the cap? Has Gibbs lost his magic?"

I can't figure it out, Chris. In three straight years, Washington has gone from one quarterback of the future to a quarterback for two or three years to a different quarterback of the future. They've used a second-round pick (for Patrick Ramsey), a $43 million contract (for Mark Brunell) and now three draft picks -- a third this year and first- and fourth-rounders next year -- to bankrupt their player-acquisition process for next year's draft. "Insane'' would be a charitable way to describe what the Redskins have done.


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A couple of comments: 1) Mike Vrabel should be ashamed of his comments toward Luis Castillo. He's a cheater? OK, I think everyone in the free world is just a little too over the top about the 'roids. Also, why should we be upset with Castillo so much? I mean, it's not like anyone twisted the Chargers' arm. Castillo shouldn't get heat for this. He's a college kid that was frightened that his future was in jeopardy. Give the kid a break. 2) The Cedric Benson/Ricky Williams comparisons are one of the things that make me sick about comparing athletes. Any time there is a successful white player in college, he's immediately compared to another white player. (i.e. the comparisons between David Pollack and Grant Wistrom, who play nothing like each other). I think Benson's aggrivated with this as well. He's never come across as a quitter ... why compare him with Ricky? I'd be mad, too."

Two things: Vrabel spoke the truth. Castillo cheated, got caught, was remorseful and then got rewarded by becoming a first-round pick. Maybe the world is over the top on steroids, but they happen to be illegal in this line of work. Re: Benson/Williams, you must be kidding. Tell me you're kidding. If any back in the last 20 years should be compared to Ricky Williams because of his college, because of his affinity for baseball, because of having almost the same exact body type, because of his running style and because of his brush with a marijuana charge, it's Benson.

I DON'T SEE IT THAT WAY, NATHAN. From Nathan of Shelbyville, Ky.: "Are you concerned that the NFL draft seems to be heading the way of baseball, in that teams will soon make selections not on talent but on contract costs? And if the Red Sox had resigned Derek Lowe preseason last year, do you think (like I do) he'd be playing as well in Boston this year (and last) as he is in L.A. right now?"

I don't think teams draft guys because of what they think they'll make. If they did this year, San Francisco would have chosen the eminently signable Aaron Rodgers, not Alex Smith, who is a good candidate to be a holdout because of his agent's early differences with the 49ers. Re: Lowe, there's no way the Red Sox could have brought him back for big money this year. No way. He was getting hit so hard last year, and so consistently, it would been a mistake for the team to invest $9 or 10 million in a guy they couldn't trust rather than $8 million in a guy who was a better risk in Matt Clement.