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Monday Morning QB (cont.)

Posted: Monday July 25, 2005 11:38AM; Updated: Monday July 25, 2005 11:57AM
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"We don't need those kind of distractions on our club. And I don't know of any club that really wants to deal with them."
 -- Falcons owner Arthur Blank, on Sporting News Radio, after Terrell Owens said Atlanta would be on the list of teams he'd want to play for if the Eagles traded him.


There is a new term on the sporting landscape: "Long." It's annoying the tar out of me.


I thought it meant "tall," but now I'm not so sure. Announcers talking about basketball use it a lot. The day of the NBA draft, I heard ESPN's Jay Bilas on the radio talking about a prospect. He said, "He's not tall for a four, but he's long."

Can someone translate for me? I think "four" means power forward. After that, I'm lost.

Is "long" the same as "long-armed?" Or "long-legged?"

When did it become commonplace to just call someone "long?"


On our vacation, my wife and I took the train up to Boston from New Jersey for a couple of days. And a guy in the seat in front of us conducted a business meeting for all the coach car to hear. This guy wasn't yelling, but he was making no attempt to hide anything he was saying. He was using his ballpark voice on, talking as loud as you would at a crowded ballpark during a game. My favorite snippet: "Jim, I'm on the train ... Yes, I'M CALLING FROM THE TRAIN ... Look, I'll be maybe 45 minutes late getting into Stamford, so ... Yeah ... Yeah ... Maybe 45, an hour ... So I know you're all sitting there. Let's just do this now. Put me on speaker ... OK... You hear me... ... All right. Kathy, Les, Jim, PJ. We all there? ... OK ... Yeah ... This is what I want you to do. The General Motors account, I want three of you on it. I want that thing bid up, but I don't want you to go over 750. OK ... You all good with that. Right ... Of course. 650's better, but go to 750 if you have to ... And make sure Rich knows exactly what's expected of him when you get out there ... Hold on. Hang on, I got a call coming in ... Hello ... Honey, I gotta call you back ... HONEY ... HONEY ... NO. No sushi. You know no sushi! ... Gotta go. Bye ... I said BYE ... OK. Christ. I'm back."

I'm hoping if I print enough of these, businessmen of America who conduct private calls in public will shut up and realize those of us who don't conduct business in public would like them to stuff a sock in it.


What would you say if I spent the 75th pick in a draft on a healthy 26-year-old back who'd rushed for 2,794 yards in 31 games in 2002 and 2003 as his team's starting back'

You'd think it was a pretty good deal.

So do I. Travis Henry for a third-round pick is a steal for Tennessee. Not that I blame the Bills. They had to get the guy out of town because he wasn't going to be a happy camper and coach Mike Mularkey didn't need his divisiveness. I'm amazed, and I do not use that word lightly, that someone with a running back need didn't gladly pay a second-rounder for the guy.