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Steel town rebound

Pittsburgh will beat Bears, while Colts remain perfect

Posted: Thursday December 8, 2005 10:07AM; Updated: Saturday December 10, 2005 5:39PM
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Week 14 Matchups
Chicago (9-3) at Pittsburgh (7-5)
The Steelers employ two new strategies this weekend: The offensive line blocks and the skill players don't fumble.
Pittsburgh 13, Chicago 10
Houston (1-11) at Tennessee (3-9)
The Texans, trying like mad to give away their third game in a row, fail, and their fans start throwing bricks through TV sets in Houston. "We wanted Reggie Bush!" they cry. "Why can't this team even LOSE right?"
Houston 17, Tennessee 14
Indianapolis (12-0) at Jacksonville (9-3)
I chickened out. Wussy little me. I had a conviction about the Jags beating the Colts for their third time in their last five meetings, but then I wrote it down, and I said to myself: "Nawwwww. Garrard's not beating Manning." But I'll tell you this: The Jags are going to physically pound the Colts in this game -- the kind of pounding that will impact Indy's regulars over the next couple of weeks.
Indianapolis 20, Jacksonville 16
New England (7-5) at Buffalo (4-8)
If I were Tom Donahoe and was trying to save my job while Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini were on the other side of the field trying to confound J.P. Losman ... well, let's just say I wouldn't feel real good about my job security.
New England 17, Buffalo 9
Oakland (4-8) at New York (2-10)
If you can spell "Tuiasosopo," you can do my job.
Oakland 20, New York Jets 10
Cleveland (4-8) at Cincinnati (9-3)
I think Carson Palmer watched a bunch of USC games on TV this fall and said: "I'm going to be just like my old school. I'm never going to put up less than 34 points in a game from now on." You can look it up. USC's scored 34 or more in every game this year.
Cincinnati 49, Cleveland 13
Tampa Bay (8-4) at Carolina (9-3)
Coaching decision of the second half of the season: John Fox promoting DeShaun Foster over Stephen Davis in the Carolina backfield.
Carolina 22, Tampa Bay 13
St. Louis (5-7) at Minnesota (7-5)
If you watch the NFL Network on Monday, check out the Joe Vitt post-mortem press conference. He leans way over, looks like he's being tortured, and talks about losses the way Condoleeza Rice talks about strife in the Mideast. God, someone tell Joe it's only a game, or something like that.
Minnesota 27, St. Louis 25
San Francisco (2-10) at Seattle (10-2)
I favor the mercy rule we have in my New Jersey youth softball league, translated to football: If a team's up by 30 in the second half, you call the game immediately.
Seattle 40, San Francisco 10
New York (8-4) at Philadelphia (5-)
Not to be morbid and not to brag, but I said a few times before this season that it's just a matter of time before the regular old football fates -- injuries, mostly -- befall the Eagles. They'd been fortunate too long. I never thought they'd lose every major offensive weapon but L.J. Smith.
New York Giants 24, Philadelphia 6
Washington (6-6) at Arizona (4-8)
If I had any guts, I would have picked the Redskins to be the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs in Monday Morning Quarterback this week. They've got a heck of a shot if they win out -- or even go 3-1 down the stretch.
Washington 27, Arizona 10
Kansas City (8-4) at Dallas (7-5)
I would love to pick the Larry Johnsons, and I wouldn't be surprised if they won. But if Bill Parcells has one ounce of rally-the-troops left in him, Dallas wins.
Dallas 20, Kansas City 13
Miami (5-7) at San Diego (8-4)
Remember this name: Michael Turner. The kid from Northern Illinois -- a 5-10, 237-pound fifth-round pick last year. I'm not saying it'll happen in this game, but with LaDainian Tomlinson nursing sore ribs, Turner, a rolling ball of butcher knives (wish I could take credit for inventing that one, but I can't) will rush for 100 yards at least once down the stretch. Maybe in this one.
San Diego 19, Miami 13
Baltimore (4-8) at Denver (9-3)
I don't know who's holding the fort for the Ravens anymore. I'm not even sure there's a fort to hold.
Denver 26, Baltimore 3
Detroit (4-8) at Green Bay (2-10)
You're a swell guy, Mike Sherman. And I know you want to do right by Brett Favre, and I know you don't want to put Aaron Rodgers in a game like that one last week. But please. You're the coach. You can pull the quarterback when he's getting the tar beat out of him.
Green Bay 17, Detroit 13
New Orleans (3-9) at Atlanta (7-5)
Here's a tip for you, Saints. After the season, give Aaron Brooks his gold watch and say thanks for trying. Then call the Jets and deal third- and fifth-round picks for Chad Pennington. You'll thank me for it in a year.
Atlanta 23, New Orleans 9
Season Total
Last week: 12-4   Overall: 117-71