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A little perspective

Katrina's devastation puts sports world in its place

Posted: Monday September 5, 2005 3:22PM; Updated: Monday September 5, 2005 4:07PM
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Perhaps it's a coincidence, but isn't it sweet that we haven't heard a peep from Terrell Owens since the tragic events in New Orleans and Mississippi?

We've not seen him shooting hoops or flexing his pecs in his front yard. And he hasn't shown up on national television sitting next to his puppet master/agent Drew Rosenhaus railing about the lack of love shown him by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Come to think of it, we also haven't heard any more about the effect of Randy Moss' marijuana-toking admission.

Or Rafael Palmeiro's tiny fib about steroid use.

Or the allegations that Lance Armstrong may have broken the rules years ago before winning the first of his record seven Tour de France races, and the biker's earnest denials ...

Nor have we been concerned with NBA free-agent signings, pennant races or whether Jerry Rice would rather retire than be a fourth-string wide receiver in Denver (turns out he'd rather retire).

Heck, when No. 7-ranked Oklahoma lost to TC-Who on Saturday, the opening weekend of the college football season, this Sooner native didn't reach for a single sharp object.

Devastation, homelessness, travesty, desperation, anger, horror and death will do that to you. It'll yank a sports journalist out of his stupor and smack an athlete's me-first-second-and-third ego up against a wall.

Thank God.

Every once in awhile, sports needs an attitude adjustment. Occasionally, it and everyone in it -- owners, athletes, coaches, executives, agents, commissioners and, yes, we humble sports journalists -- needs to be reminded that the entire globe does not exist to feed its needs. That SportsCenter is not the only program that should be programmed into your TiVo, and that (OK, so this is job-suicide) you can actually go a week without reading Sports Illustrated.

Every once in awhile, we need to be reminded that it is a blessing to be able to earn a living by playing or covering or owning games. Whether we earn millions (like athletes or owners) or not (like sportswriters, at least most of us!), we need to be re-told: Stop the madness. Stop the whining. Shut up and play!

Isn't it sweet?