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Posted: Tuesday September 12, 2006 10:18AM; Updated: Tuesday September 12, 2006 12:00PM
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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Angel Stadium
Anaheim, Calif. :: Opened: 1966 :: Capacity: 45,050
Average Ticket Price: $18.97
Average Cost of Concessions and Souvenirs: $59.00
How expensive is stadium parking?
FREE: 1%
$5-$10: 76%
$10-$15: 20%
$15-$20: 1%
More than $20: 1%

Is public transportation a viable option? Never: 49%
Worth it if you have a lot of time and patience: 30%
A good option to avoid rush hour: 10%
Pretty easy if you know the system well: 11%
The only way to go: 0%

How would you rate traffic getting to and from the game?
To the game:
A slow-moving parking lot: 9%
Slow, but usually steady: 19%
Moves well outside of rush hour: 31%
Aside from the occasional bottleneck, it's good: 35%
A smooth ride at all times: 6%

From the game:
A slow-moving parking lot: 18%
Slow, but usually steady: 29%
Moves well outside of rush hour: 14%
Aside from the occasional bottleneck, it's good: 32%
A smooth ride at all times: 6%

How would you rate the number of restrooms for men and women?
Bring a map: 0%
It depends on the section: 3%
Never more than a short walk away: 21%
A satisfactory amount: 40%
Plenty: 29%

How long is the wait to use a bathroom?
Always available: 57%
1-5 minutes: 40%
5-10 minutes: 3%
More than 10 minutes: 0%

How would you rate the variety of food/beer concession options?
Limp hot dogs, bland peanuts, even blander beer: 3%
Nothing fancy, but the staple foods are tasty: 6%
A little variety of food and drinks available at specific locations: 27%
A nice variety but locations are spread out: 38%
You name it, they have it around almost every corner: 24%

How much will a meal at the ballpark cost you?
$5-$10: 20%
$10-$20: 63%
$20-$30: 13%
$30-$40: 2%
More than $40: 1%

How would you rate the entertainment options aside from the game?
Nonexistent: 1%
So many games/promotions and scoreboard highlights that the game is lost in the background: 5%
Typical mascot antics/scoreboard quizzes and fun music: 21%
Some unique promotions/antics, but it sometimes distracts from the game: 9%
A nice balance that draws your attention when the game is stopped but doesn't distract from the action on the field: 63%
Though sporting a "remarkably generic stadium design," the park offers a "close seat to the action," with seats facing toward home plate and the ability to "walk around the entire perimeter of the stadium on the terrace level and watch the game from all angles." The Disney-esque rocks and fountains in left center field were "not liked at first" but "have grown on" many, especially children, who enjoy the geyser explosion that greets Angels home runs. A litany of kid-friendly promotions and a ban on alcohol in the parking lot adds to the family vibe. True to its Orange County surroundings, the food at the park is ... eh? "Try Autry's BBQ" for the All-Star dogs and chicken.
J.T. Schmid's (a brewpub), The Catch and Fresca's ("good, cheap Mexican food") offer some variety to dining outside of the stadium. "A few miles down Katella Avenue" is Disneyland and the "best option," the more adult-themed Downtown Disney and its host of clubs and "too many restaurants to name."
2006 record: 77-66 (all statistics through Sept. 10)
Players worth the price of admission: Vladimir Guerrero (.328 Avg., 28 HRs, 109 RBIs), Francisco Rodriguez (41 saves, 1.73 ERA, 79 Ks), Jered Weaver (11-2, 2.30 ERA, 87 Ks, 101.2 IP)
Here's a novel concept in today's business environment: Build a quality product, treat your customers well and charge a reasonable price. That's how Angels owner Arte Moreno has transformed an afterthought of a team into a club more respected than its more glamorous cousin in L.A. Angels Stadium isn't imbued with a grand history or replete with retro-styled architecture, but it is comfortable, affordable and caters to what fans want: variety in food, easy access to pre- and postgame entertainment and, oh yeah, a good team. And when the team on the field wins, who needs trains or brick warehouses to have a good time? Not Angels fans, that's for sure.