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Recruiting: Alaska

Posted: Friday November 10, 2006 9:37AM; Updated: Monday November 13, 2006 1:54PM
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State Champ: Kansas

Top Alaska-Produced Recruits: 2004-07
Player Pos. Stars School Cl.
Mario Chalmers** PG 5 Kansas '05
Ramon Harris G - Kentucky* '06
Will Egolf PF 2 Bradley '07
Chris Bryant SG 1 Drake '04
** Ranked in RISE's Top 100
Stars is star rating on scout.com
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Alaska is an under-scouted frontier; only four players from the state appear in the scout.com and rivals.com databases over the past four years. But Mario Chalmers is the latest star from the region that once produced Dukies Carlos Boozer and Trajan Langdon, and the Jayhawks landed the McDonald's All-American point guard -- as well as his dad, whom KU hired as its director of basketball operations -- in its Class of 2005. Ramon Harris, a mysterious, but reportedly very talented, forward prospect, could be a sleeper. He wants to play at Kentucky but has yet to qualify, and may take the prep school route and join the 'Cats in 2007-08

Outside Player: Kentucky

If the 'Cats can get Harris eligible.

Dragging In-State: ???

I'd love to tell you something like, "Alaska-Fairbanks is letting its best homegrown product slip away" ... but honestly, I have no idea.