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Recruiting: Nebraska

Posted: Friday November 10, 2006 12:52PM; Updated: Monday November 13, 2006 2:51PM
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State Champ: Texas

Top Nebraska-Produced Recruits: '04-07
Player Pos. Stars School Cl.
Matt Hill C 4 Texas '06
Josh Dotzler PG 2 Creighton '05
Rashaun Broadus PG 2 BYU '05
Ricardo De Bem C 3 Texas Tech '07
Travis Hall SG 2 Southern Miss '05
Wendell Faines PF 3 Drake '07
Jeffrey Henfield SG 3 New Mexico '06
Limar Wilson PG 2 Minnesota '06
Cyrus Tate PF 3 Iowa '06
Joseph Jackson SF 2 Denver '04
** Ranked in RISE's Top 100
Stars is star rating on scout.com
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Nebraska has produced only one four-star prospect during this four-year stretch: Matt Hill, a 6-10 center from Lincoln. And since Hill committed to the Longhorns, they're the winner. In the race for Hill's services, UT beat out Nebraska in the Big 12 as well as Gonzaga, Utah and Nevada out west. Seeing that the 'Horns lost all five starters from last season's Elite Eight team, Hill will have a chance to get serious minutes as a freshman. Creighton, which found a diamond in the rough in two-star point guard Josh Dotzler, is the runner-up.

Outside Player: ???

The state been somewhat of an equal-opportunity recruiting market; everyone from BYU, to Texas Tech, to Southern Miss, to Minnesota has dropped in to sign a two- or three-star prospect.

Dragging In-State: Nebraska

Nebraska doesn't have a single player on this list, and the Huskers haven't been to an NCAA tournament in this decade, so yeah, they're struggling. New coach Doc Sadler is capable of orchestrating a turnaround, though.