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Recruiting: New Hampshire

Posted: Friday November 10, 2006 12:56PM; Updated: Monday November 13, 2006 2:53PM
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State Champ: UConn

Top New Hampshire-Produced Recruits: 2004-07
Player Pos. Stars School Cl.
Craig Brackins^** PF 4 Iowa State '07
Terrell McKenzie^ PG 3 Undecided '07
P'Allen Stinnett^ SG 3 Creighton '07
Josh Owens PF 3 Stanford '07
Andrew Walker^ SF 3 Vanderbilt '07
Jerome Dyson** SG 4 UConn '06
Brady Morningstar SG 4 Kansas '06
Will Harris^ SF 3 Virginia '06
Tyler Roche SF 3 Boston College '06
Alfred Aboya** C 4 UCLA '05
Martynas Pocius SG 4 Duke '05
Jeff Adrien^** PF 4 UConn '05
Harvey Perry^ SG 3 Washington '05
Joel Smith^ SF 4 Washington '04
Adrian Joseph^ SF 3 Virginia '04
^ from Brewster Academy
** Ranked in RISE's Top 100
Stars is star rating on scout.com
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The Huskies recruited two Big East starters out of New Hampshire's academies: Jeff Adrien, a 6-foot-6 power forward from Brewster Academy (originally of Brookline, Mass.) and Jerome Dyson, a 6-3 shooting guard from Proctor Academy (originally of Rockville, Md.). UConn is looking for Adrien to be a frontcourt force alongside Hasheem Thabeet this season, and hopes that Dyson can become an outside shooting threat to complement A.J. Price.

Outside Player: Washington

A nationally diverse group of teams appears on this list, and that's not surprising, considering all of the players come from prep schools rather than New Hampshire's high school system. Nine of the 15 prospects are from Brewster alone. Washington, which has signed two Brewster players, Harvey Perry and Joel Smith, has to be considered the state runner-up.

Dragging In-State: ???

No one. Can New Hampshire really be expected to battle UConn?