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Recruiting: North Carolina

Posted: Friday November 10, 2006 3:09PM; Updated: Monday November 13, 2006 2:58PM
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State Champ: Memphis

Top North Carolina-Produced Recruits: 2004-07
Player Pos. Stars School Cl.
Tracy Smith** PF 4 Undecided '07
LaRon Dendy** PF 4 Clemson '07
Dominique Sutton SF 4 Kansas State '07
Demontez Stitt PG 3 Clemson '07
Jamie Skeen** PF 4 Wake Forest '06
Phil Jones C 4 Charlotte '06
Ishmael Smith PG 4 Wake Forest '06
Tony Crocker SG 4 Oklahoma '06
William Graves** SF 4 North Carolina '06
Doneal Mack SG 4 Memphis '06
Shawne Williams** SF 4 Memphis '05
Brandon Rush** SF 5 Kansas '05
Antonio Anderson SG 4 Memphis '05
Robert Dozier SF 4 Memphis '05
Magnum Rolle** PF 5 LSU '05
Kevin Swinton** PF 4 Wake Forest '05
Cedric Simmons** PF 5 N.C. State 04
Joey Dorsey** PF 3 Memphis 04
JamesOn Curry** SF 4 Oklahoma St. 04
Anthony Morrow** SG 4 Georgia Tech 04
** Ranked in RISE's Top 100
Stars is star rating on scout.com
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Wake Forest has signed a trio of quality players (Jamie Skeen and Ish Smith in 2006, and Kevin Swinton in 2005), but the Deacs still don't stack up with Memphis. The Tigers have dominated the North Carolina prep school scene in the past four years, signing five four- or five-star players from Laurinburg Prep alone (Shawne Williams, Antonio Anderson, Joey Dorsey, Kareem Cooper and Robert Dozier). Williams has already moved on to the NBA, and Anderson, Dorsey and Dozier are all legit pro prospects.

Outside Player: Kansas

Kansas dropped in to land Brandon Rush, its current star wing scorer, from Mount Zion Academy in the Class of 2005. Rush was a native of Kansas City, Mo., so the Jayhawks had a regional connection, but he's also the best current college player on this list, so he deserves mention.

Dragging In-State: N.C. State

Of the Carolina schools, Wake and Clemson do well in-state, UNC is a national recruiting monster, and N.C. State, while it aims nationally, could probably do a better job of scouting within its borders. The Wolfpack's roster is currently heavy on East Coast and overseas talent.