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Recruiting: Utah

Posted: Friday November 10, 2006 3:59PM; Updated: Monday November 13, 2006 2:54PM
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State Champ: Utah

Top Utah-Produced Recruits: 2004-07
Player Pos. Stars School Cl.
Daniel Deane** PF 4 Utah '06
Rekalin Sims PF 4 Kentucky/Fresno '05
Chris Miles PF 4 BYU '04
Morgan Grim PF 3 Utah '07
Shaun Green PF - Utah '05
Chris Collinsworth SF 3 BYU '07
Tyler Newbold SG 3 Utah State '05
Joe Darger SF 3 UNLV '05
Brayden Bell C 3 Ohio State '05
Chris Anderson PF 3 Wyoming '04
Aaron England SG 1 Utah State '06
** Ranked in RISE's Top 100
Stars is star rating on scout.com
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The Utes boast the past two state players of the year, power forwards Shaun Green ('04-05) and Daniel Deane ('05-06). Deane is the state's biggest recruit during this period; he's the son of ex-Utah star and NBA player Greg Deane and should be one of the Utes' top players as a freshman. He averaged 11.0 points in their two November exhibition games.

Outside Players: UNLV and Wyoming

Kentucky signed Rekalin Sims, a four-star juco player from California, in its Class of 2005. He has since transferred to Fresno State. The real outside players are UNLV (Joe Darger) and Wyoming (Chris Anderson), each of whom took a three-star forward from the state.

Dragging In-State: No One

No one. Utah, Utah State and BYU are all represented here, and Weber State's roster is stocked with less-heralded homegrown players.