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Commissioner for a Day: NFL

SI.com readers weigh in with their changes

Posted: Tuesday July 11, 2006 12:29PM; Updated: Wednesday July 12, 2006 12:10PM
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Return the game to the players. No more radios in helmets.  A simple hand signal from the sideline will suffice, or, heaven forbid, let the quarterbacks call their own plays.
-- Aaron, Jamaica Plain

Make pass-interference penalties 15 yards, max! If we can't eliminate cheap calls, at least we can minimize the harm they cause. Why should it be assumed the receiver would have made the catch if the penalty hadn't happened?
-- Benjamin Etkin, Centerearch, N.Y.

I would stop courting Mexico, Europe, and Asia. They already enjoy the NFL about as much as they are going to. Why do we have to lose home games here in the states? The NFL window-dresses it and tries to make it look different than what it is. It is taking away from Americans who make the players rich and owners richer, and giving to other countries so the NFL can add a little more revenue. What in the world is all that global expansion garbage going to do for me, Joe Sixpack? 
-- Laurie Stewart, Austin, Texas

Move all preseason games to "other" non-pro football cities. That way, other fans get to see games, and season ticket holders don't have to pay for these games.
-- Chris, Pittsburgh

How about the Super Bowl on a Saturday? As it stands now, most people work the next day, it's an unoffical holiday where entire familes attend Super Bowl parties and halftime coincides with bedtime. Saturday gives a day for everyone to recover, even the kids that say up late. The NFL is hurting it's future fan base by not programming to allow families (and parties)to fully enjoy the Super Bowl.
-- Tom Wall, Chapel Hill, N.C.

I would change the overtime period to the following: allow both teams one possession in which to score. This will eliminate the overblown significance of the coinflip. You could either keep the coinflip as is, or give the home team an advantage by giving them the choice to either play offense or defense first during the OT. Esentially, Team A would have one possession to score. Their possession ends with either a score (TD or FG), turnover (fumble or INT), or turnover on downs. Then Team B would have their one possession, and of course their strategy would depend on what Team A did. If after both teams have had their one possession and the game is still tied, it goes into sudden-death. Also, if Team A during their first possession turns the ball over and Team B scores (i.e., return of INT for TD), Team B wins.
-- Pavan Mann, Corona, Calif.

I'd like to see a Friday night game. NFL fans enjoy football on Monday, when there is only one game on. Sunday has too many games on to enjoy. Why not stretch the NFL timeframe to Friday to Monday? We would still have Tuesday through Thursday to listen to the talking heads about the great matchups.
-- Michael Platta, Oxford, N.Y.

Make pass interference reviewable. Too many times a team will get bailed out of a third-and-long because of a questionable call. It wouldn't slow the game down any more than any other questionable play since there are still only two challenges.
-- Jeff C., Salt Lake City

As commissioner, I would do away with all divisions and both conferences. There would be 32 teams competing for the 12 playoff spots and four byes. Based on this, you would have the truly 12 best teams competing in the Super Bowl tournament, which would most often provide us with the two best teams in the Super Bowl. 
-- McGaw, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Put more regional games into the schedule. Dallas-Houston, Giants-Jets, Rams-Chiefs, Jaguars-Bucs-Dolphins, etc. This would allow regional rivalries to develop.
-- Shea Squires, Henderson, Nev.

Ban all coverage of T.O. for the next six months. The only exception would be to describe his play during games including the exhibition games. 
-- Mike Heller, Towanda, Ill.